Aldi Brands – A List of Aldi Private Label Brands

More than 90% of the products Aldi carries are Aldi brands. Here’s a list of Aldi Private Label brands throughout the store. 

Aldi brands in shopping cart

Even though Aldi primarily carries their own private label brands, the quality of what’s in the box, package or bottle isn’t any different than well-known national brands at much higher price points.

It’s no secret that store and private-label brands are typically processed at the same facilities as their brand name counterparts.

And with the Aldi return policy, if you’re not happy with any Aldi brand food product, you can get your money back and a new product with their generous Twice as Nice Guarantee.

Aldi goes above and beyond with their private labels sourcing the best quality and ingredients, especially with their specialty items which are imported from around the world. In fact, Aldi brands are so good that many are award-winning!

Aldi Private Label Brands

Here is a running list of Aldi brands – It will be updated when new Aldi private labels are discovered.

Aldi Brands – Food

Appleton Farms – Ham and Salami

Aunt Maple’s – Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup

Bake House Creations – Refrigerated Biscuits and Cookies

Baker’s Corner – Baking Supplies

Baker’s Treat – Individually Wrapped Snack Cakes and Rolls

Barissimo – Coffee

Beaumont – Coffee

Belmont – Ice Cream and Pies

Benner – Tea

Benton’s – Packaged Cookies and Ice Cream Cones

Berryhill – Honey, Jelly and Spreads

Bon Italia – Canned Ravioli and Pasta with Sauce

Breakfast Best – Frozen Breakfast Favorites

Bremer – Frozen Meals

Brookdale – Canned Meat

Burman’s – Ketchup, Mayo, BBQ Sauce and Condiments

Carlini – Cooking Oils

Casa Mamita – Mexican Favorites

Cattlemen’s Ranch – Beef Patties

Cheese Club – Mac & Cheese

Chef’s Cupboard – Broth, Soup and Boxed Sides

Choceur – Chocolate

Clancy’s – Chips and Snacks

Cook House – Cooking Sauces

Countryside Creamery – Butter and Cream

Dakota’s Pride – Canned Beans

Deutsche Kuche – German Product Line

Earth Grown – Plant-Based Products

Earthly Grains – Boxed and Bagged Grains

Elevation – Protein Bars and Shakes

Fit & Active – For a Healthier You

Fremont Fish Market – Fish and Seafood

Friendly Farms – Milk & Dairy Products

Fusia – Asian Favorites

Goldhen – Eggs

Great Gherkins – Pickles

Happy Farms – Cheese

Happy Harvest – Canned Vegetables

Journey To Thailand – Thai Favorites

Kirkwood – Chicken and Turkey Products

Little Salad Bar – Greens and Premade Salads

liveGfree – Gluten-Free Products

L’oven Fresh – Bread

Lunch Buddies – Fruit Snack and Lunchbox Favorites

Lunch Mate – Lunch Meat

Mama Cozzi’s – Pizza and Garlic Bread

Millville – Cereal and Bars

Moser Roth – Chocolate

Nature’s Nectar – Fruit Juice

Never Any! – Meat without antibiotics or steroids

Northern Catch – Canned Tuna

Park Street Deli – Hummus, Pickles, Dips and Packaged Deli Sides

Parkview – Hot Dogs and Sausages

Peanut Delight – Peanut Butter

Priano – Premium Italian Favorites

Pueblo Lindo – Hispanic Favorites

PurAqua – Water

Reggano – Pasta and Jarred Sauce

Savoritz – Crackers

Sea Queen – Shrimp and Fish

Season’s Choice – Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

Simms – Jerky and Meat Snacks

Simply Nature – Feel Good Ingredients

Southern Grove – Dried Fruit and Nuts

Specialty Selected – Aldi Gone Gourmet

Stonemill – Spices and Seasonings

Sundae Shoppe – Ice Cream and Fruit Bars

Sweet Harvest – Canned Fruit

Tuscan Garden – Salad Dressings and Salad Toppings

Village Bakery – Baked Goods

Winking Owl – Affordable Wine


Boulder – Paper Towels, Paper Plates and Cutlery

Heart to Tail – Pet Food and Accessories

Little Journey – Baby Essentials

Radiance – Dish Soap

Willow – Toilet Paper

Winternacht – Holiday German Sweets


Adventureridge – Camping Gear

Ambiano – Kitchen Appliances

Auto XS – Car Accessories

Bikemate – Bike Gear

Crane – Active Gear

Crofton – Kitchenware

Dentiguard – Oral Care

Easy Home – Home Storage and Accessories

Ferrex – Tools

Gardenline – Outdoor and Garden

Huntington Home – Household Products

L&D – Kid’s Fashion

Rangemaster – Grills and Grilling Accessories

Royal Class – Men’s Clothing

Serra – Women’s Clothing

SOHL Furniture – Home Furnishings

Welby – Wellness Products

Workzone – Tools



  1. Huntington Home Soy Candles in Hineysuckle are my all time favorite. Would love to see them on the shelves in Maryland

  2. I just tried your authentic german soup and it was delightful. I like the Chefs Cupboard soups also but notice the’ve disappeared. Replaced by Cambels I hope this is not permanent. If so please bring them back!!
    I shop all essentials at Aldi, Ballston Spa, NY every week.

  3. This list is awesome! I did notice a few that were missing, though

    – Summit soda and energy drinks
    – Tandel laundry supplies
    – Laura shower and skin care products
    – All of the different beers

  4. I have two Easy Home bottle dispensing floor cleaning mops. They are a must for cleaning my floors, I am 84 years and have arthritis in my hands I keep one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen. They are blue and the cloth scrubbing is blue also and the cleaning swivels have a removable semi-circle scrubber. The bottle can be removed and filled. I had refilled the bottle and was going to put it back in and it was slippery and( because I had it up on my barstools to put it in ) it slipped and broke on the floor, is there any way I can get the plastic bottle replacement. I cannot find a model #, only the name Easy Home above the trigger pull.I would very much like to purchase at least two of the bottles. Can you possibly help me.

  5. I just recently started shopping here. I feel in love with the salmon burgers. Now I’ve found out that they’re seasonal and was very disappointed. Can you please help.

  6. In general I am pleased with shopping Aldi. I wish a coupe things.
    1. I wish they stocked a cold pressed olive oil. I use this oil exclusively and have to add a trip to another market to find it.
    2. I don’t purchase Willow paper products because I don’t know who manufactures for Aldi. I am disgusted how the Koch’s have interfered with the nation and don’t support them as much as I possibly can.

  7. I have the Easy Home Bag less vacuum and need a new belt. Con you tell me where this is available?

  8. we just found a piece of skin with hair on it (assuming it is Rat) in a can of Chefs Cupboard Cream of mushroom soup. We have contacted Aldi’s but no reply as of yet.

  9. Can we please know where products are made?
    We understand they are distributed and sold by Aldi.
    In this day and age it’s comforting to know where our necessities are being produced.
    Thank you!

  10. We are seeking allergen information regarding food ingredients such as “food warnings” or
    “ or may contain”.
    Is the Millville Crunchy Oats ‘n Honey Breakfast bar produced on the same line with tree nuts and peanuts.

    We have a nut allergy issue to deal with and this is a very good product for a non- allergic person.

    Please advise.
    Thank you,

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