The Full Lineup of Aldi Winternacht Sweets

Winternacht is the Aldi seasonal collection of holiday cookies, pastries, and chocolates imported from Germany.

aldi winternacht collection

Here’s a look at the full lineup of Aldi Winternacht sweets and goodies currently available for the holiday season.

Aldi Winternacht

Winternacht Spekulatius

Winternacht Spekulatius is a unique seasonal cookie made from a family-owned traditional recipe handed down over decades.
Winternacht Spekulatius from Aldi

Winternacht Butter Spekulatius

Aldi Winternacht Butter Spekulatius are made with fine butter, making these traditional and delicate, crispy cookies a perfect option for holiday gatherings.
Winternacht Butter Spekulatius from Aldi

Winternacht Almond Spekulatius

Aldi Winternacht Almond Spekulatius are prepared by master bakers according to a German traditional family recipe handed down over decades. Specially selected raw materials, exquisite spices, and a balanced sweetness are resulting in a unique seasonal Christmas biscuit.
Winternacht Almond Spekulatius from Aldi

Winternacht Chocolate Domino Cubes

Winternacht Chocolate Domino Cubes are spicy, soft gingerbread double-filled with finest the fruit and persipan, covered in delicate chocolate.
Winternacht Chocolate Domino Cubes from Aldi

Winternacht Oblatenlebkruchen Soft Gingerbread

Winternacht Oblatenlebkruchen Soft Gingerbread from Aldi

Winternacht Cinnamon Star Cookies

Winternacht Cinnamon Star Cookies from Aldi

Winternacht Pfeffernusse

Winternacht Pfeffernusse is a soft, flavorful, spicy gingerbread specialty covered in a sugar glaze. A true traditional cookie for the holidays.

Winternacht Pfeffernusse from Aldi

Winternacht Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Assortment
Winternacht Gingerbread Hearts from Aldi

Winternacht Gingerbread Hearts

Winternacht Gingerbread Hearts are flavorful apricot fruit-filled gingerbread shaped hearts covered in decadent dark or milk chocolate.

Winternacht Chocolate Gingerbread Assortment from Aldi

Winternacht Mini Elisen Gingerbread Cookies

Winternacht Mini Elisen Gingerbread Cookies are chewy and perfectly spiced classics in mini form, coated in either glaze or dark chocolate.

Winternacht Mini Elisen gingerbread cookies from Aldi

Winternacht Stollen Marzipan

Winternacht Stollen Marzipan is baked based on a traditional recipe and filled with moist marzipan. Raisins and candied fruit add the finishing touch to this classic Stollen.

Winternacht Stollen Marzipan from Aldi

Winternacht Stollen Cherry

Winternacht Stollen Cherry is a traditional Stollen filled with fine marzipan and fruity cherries, rounded off with Black Forest cherry brandy. Just the right thing for Stollen lovers to sweeten the Advent season.

Winternacht Butter Almond Stollen is also available at Aldi, made with butter, almonds, selected raisins, and fruity candied orange peel and lemon peel.

Winternacht Stollen Cherry from Aldi

Winternacht Marzipan Log

Winternacht Marzipan Log from Aldi

Winternacht Milk Chocolate Figurines

Winternacht Milk Chocolate Figurines are yummy, slow-melting chocolatey goodness, coming in a selection of shapes, including Santa.

Winternacht Milk Chocolate Figurines including Santa from Aldi

Winternacht Panettone

Winternacht Panettone is a buttery and airy Italian sweet bread that melts in your mouth. Enjoy either chocolate chip or indulge in the traditional variety speckled with raisins and candied orange.

Winternacht Panettone from Aldi

Winternacht Erdnussberge Peanut Clusters

Winternacht Erdnussberge is a combination of high-quality peanuts and the finest milk or dark chocolate, making these a delicious crunchy treat for the holidays.

Winternacht Peanut Clusters Erdnussberge from Aldi

Winternacht Mini Baerchen Chocolate Bears

Share, decorate, enjoy, and indulge in creamy milk chocolate goodness. Each character tells a Christmas story of its own that makes the festive nibbling a delightful experience. Available in Mini Santas, Bears, or Snowmen shapes.

Winternacht Mini Baerchen Chocolate Bears

Winternacht Wafers

Aldi Winternacht Wafers are a lovely assortment of crispy wafers and cookies partially covered in chocolate. Aso available in a cookie mix.

aldi winternacht wafers

Winternacht Solid or Hollow Chocolates

Delicious chocolate solid and hollow figures made from high-quality ingredients. Uniquely wrapped in colorful foil with a golden hanging string to dress up your holiday tree. Available in Hollow Santas, Hollow Bells, Solid Bears or Solid Christmas Figures Chocolates.

aldi winternacht solid chocolate christmas figures


  1. Absolutely love your Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters but my Aldi’s only carries them at Christmas. How can I get them all year long?

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