Aldi Near Me: Finding the Closest Aldi Store

Where is the Aldi Near Me?

There are more than 2,000 Aldi stores in the United States now, so it is reasonable to assume that there will be an Aldi nearby when visiting many different areas.

The first U.S. Aldi store opened in Iowa in 1976, and the grocery chain expanded out from there. There are now Aldi stores in 36 states, and the U.S. Aldi headquarters is located in Batavia, Illinois.

How to Find an Aldi Near Me

The quickest way to find Aldi stores in your area is to use the “Find a Store” feature on the Aldi website.

how to find an Aldi Near Me

With this tool, you can enter your city, state, or ZIP code, and it will pull up the stores nearest to your location.

You can also specifically search with this tool to find Aldi stores that sell alcohol, or that offer curbside pick-up or delivery service.

And while you may know what stores are closest to you because you shop there regularly, this can be a handy tool to determine where there will be an Aldi near me when you go on vacation or visit a new area.

Many shoppers find it handy to visit an Aldi store while traveling to stock up on snack items and save money.

More Aldi Stores on the Way

new stores 2021

For 2021, Aldi has announced that they will be opening about 100 new stores, and they will be expanding to a new state — Louisiana.

Many of the new stores will be near the Florida Gulf Coast, as well as in the Northeast, Arizona, and California.

Do you enjoy shopping at Aldi stores in the U.S.? Have you ever used the Find a Store tool to locate an Aldi nearby?

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  1. Please build one in Bryant or Benton Arkansas we would love to support one we have the population and income and there’s several buildings that would suit your store.

    A big fan.

  2. Please please build an Aldi in or near Fayetteville, Ohio. If not Fayetteville, Ohio…Mt Orab, Ohio. It only has a Kroger and is the busiest Kroger in the tri-state per Kroger corporate. Brings in customers from multiple rural areas. An Aldi there would be booming in customers and revenue and would definitely thrive. Everyone I talk to in surrounding areas wish there was an Aldi nearby. Closet Aldi stores are at least 30 min (from Fayetteville)-45 min (from Mt Orab).
    Please please consider!

  3. Please build an Aldi’s near Syracuse, Utah. We shop at Aldi’s when we are in Erie, PA and we miss it when we come home for the winter.

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