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Did you know that Aldi pickup is available at some stores? Here’s what you need to know about Aldi curbside pickup.


aldi pickupAldi Pickup

You may have noticed that some Aldi stores have numbered parking spaces near the front entrance. These spaces are reserved for Aldi pickup, AKA curbside pickup, a new service that’s available at select locations via Instacart.

Previously Instacart handled just Aldi delivery, where you ordered your groceries through the app and they were delivered or dropped off at your door.

Select markets now have an Aldi curbside option in addition to delivery. This works well for when you have the availability to swing by Aldi after work or running errands but don’t want to physically shop in-store.

How Does Aldi Pickup Work

You can place an order and time for Aldi pickup through Instacart or As with Instacart delivery, there is a small markup of prices versus shopping in-store as someone else is doing the shopping for you.

When your order is ready, you will get a text message or notice from the app. You can then head to the store and park in one of the designated curbside pickup parking spaces where your order is brought to you.

With curbside pickup, the majority of orders are put together by Aldi employees. Per company policy, employees are not allowed to accept tips. You can always ask if tips are accepted at pickup as an Instacart shopper may have shopped for your order and they are allowed to accept tips.

We’re pro-tipping, whether for delivery or pickup — and always factor that into our budget for delivery or pickup.

How Much Does Aldi Pickup Cost

There is a minimum $10 order for pickup — For orders under $35, the pickup fee is $3.99. Orders over $35 are charged $1.99.

There is no tip or service fee on the Instacart app for pickup, but again, ask if tips are allowed when you pick up an order and consider offering at least 10% for the shopper’s time.


  1. I’m interested in curve side pickup only. Not interested in insta cart, is all curve side Instacart? Is there a charge for curve side?

  2. Interested in curve side pickup only. Do you have it in any of the Joplin stores, is there a charge for curve side pickup.
    Thank you

  3. Do you know if you have to use an app to do Aldi curbside pickup or can you just use the website and text messaging? The last thing I want is another app on my phone. I’d use Aldi curbside pickup in a heartbeat if I could do it without loading an app.

  4. WHAT A FARCE OF SHOPPING EXPERIENCE TODAY AT BINGHAMTON ALDI STORE…. My daughter just out of the hospital called in an order to pick up She is semi handicapped right now the phone message said ready for pick up it was approximately 3 hours after order was placed. So on the way home rom hospital we stopped to pick it up. We WAITED AND WAITED AND WAITED! After about 1/2 hour she called the phone number for the service a very thick Indian accented person came on and took like ten minutes to reply and said they were extremely busy (LIE) the parking lot was fairly empty, we were the only one sitting in the 4 pick up spaces He left us on hold again to come back and say we needed to park closer to the store we were about 50 feet from the door, then on hold again stupid reply said we had to go into the store and get it ourselves as they were so busy??????? FREAKING LIAR WE still were the only car parked for pick up??? he must have said I apologize 30 times I finally said he was annoying and asked why he hadn’t actually contacted the store yet, on hold again back again Sorry for inconvenience???? Finally I went into the store went to the area where they gather the merchandise for carry out a man approximately nice I asked whats the hold up are you do in order for so and so name he said Oh yes I didn’t hear the alarm?????? Went back out figured it would be a couple minutes…NOPE it was like 15 minutes and a Asian man came out and said it would be out soon, Mind you it was not a big order around $40 Finally it acme out a total of (55 minutes waiting) to get the order, usually they are ready when you drive in and the whole thing is like 5 minutes not 55 minutes and nobody was concerned??????????????????????????????????? My advise AVOID the BINGHAMTON NY Aldi store if you are shopping on line!!!! I would rate them ZERO! IRRITATED AS HELL and mad at the wait even when they knew my daughter had just gotten out of the hospital after an extended stay, Shabby service at best! AND NOT ONE WORD, LIKE HERE A COUPON TO SAVE % ON YOUR NEXT TRIP, , we ARE SORRY????NODDA—NOTHING NO HAVE A NICE DAY???? Mind you it was not busy for on line orders like I said no bags were waiting for customers and nobody showed up the whole time we were parked and waiting. Signed me Ticked off and mad as hell for being lied to….The killer was after we were home maybe 2 hours got a text our order was ready and still waiting for a pick up?????????????????????????????????????

  5. I just used the pickup service at Aldi. I’ve used it at Safeway and Walmart before. I didn’t have any issues but noticed there was a fee for pickup that was waived as it was my first time. I don’t mind the bag fee but if Instacart has a few cents added into the price of product why the additional fee. The associate was nice and while I had no problem I’ll probably stick with Walmart or Safeway better site functionality

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