New and Returning Items Of The Week At Trader Joe’s (06/11-06/17)

Tropical Green Tea Instant Boba Kit $4.99/10.58 Oz

Trader Joe’s Tropical Green Tea Instant Boba Kit brings a refreshing, tropical twist to your favorite boba experience, available for a limited time. Embrace the convenience of enjoying boba at home with this kit that captures the essence of a tropical summer.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: The kit includes vegan, gluten-free tapioca pearls pre-soaked in a sweet, passion fruit and mango-flavored green tea syrup. Each package also contains four wide-gauge paper straws.

For about the cost of one boba drink at a café, this kit provides four servings, making it both economical and enjoyable. The ease of preparation—just heat the pearls for a minute in the microwave—and the versatility of mixing with various beverages like milk or coconut water make it an appealing choice for a quick, delightful treat. Enjoy the playful texture of boba combined with a burst of tropical flavors right from the comfort of home.

Grilled Chimchurri Chicken Thigh Skewers $7.49/10.5 Oz

Perfect for outdoor grilling, these skewers offer a convenient and delicious way to enjoy seasoned chicken without heating up the kitchen.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: These skewers are made from chicken thighs, marinated in a vibrant chimichurri sauce, and grilled to perfection. The ingredients typically include chicken thighs, parsley, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, and various spices.

Skewers, kabobs, or satay—whatever you call them, they are a global favorite for a reason. Trader Joe’s skewers are especially handy for quick summer meals, offering the rich, herbaceous flavors of chimichurri paired with the succulence of chicken thighs. They’re ready to serve, saving time and effort at your next barbecue or family dinner.

Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese $0.99/7.25 Oz

A classic comfort food, this macaroni and cheese is made with cheddar cheese.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: Each box contains tube-shaped macaroni and a cheddar cheese seasoning blend that includes natural colorings from annatto and paprika. To prepare, you’ll need butter, milk, and optional additions like Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt or Sriracha sauce for enhanced flavor.

This mac & cheese is not just a quick meal; it’s a customizable canvas. Whether you stick to the classic recipe or add your own twist with extra ingredients like yogurt for creaminess or Sriracha for spice, it’s guaranteed to satisfy both children and those who are young at heart. The included cheese packet ensures a creamy, ultra-cheesy sauce that perfectly coats the pasta, making each bite as delicious as the next.

Bacon & Eggs Shaped Gummy Candies $1.99/6.35 Oz

A fun and playful breakfast-themed candy that mimics the appearance of bacon and eggs.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: These unique candies mimic the appearance of bacon and eggs. The “Bacon” pieces are cherry-flavored, while the “Eggs” boast a subtle mango taste. Importantly, these candies are gelatin-free, making them a fun choice for those avoiding animal products.

Beyond their charming and whimsical shapes, these gummy candies are a delightful surprise with their fruity flavors. They are perfect for anyone looking to add a little fun to their snack time or dessert. Whether as a gift or a personal treat, these candies are sure to bring a smile with every sweet, chewy bite.

Watermelon Overnight Facemask $6.99/2 Oz

This overnight face mask is designed to hydrate and refresh the skin using watermelon extract and plant-derived squalane. Its blend of watermelon extracts and moisturizing agents help enhance your complexion while you sleep.

Ingredients: The mask includes watermelon fruit water, watermelon seed extract, watermelon fruit extract, sodium hyaluronate for hydration, glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation, plant-derived squalane for moisturization, and other botanicals to brighten and invigorate the skin.

This overnight mask is a fuss-free addition to your nighttime routine that works while you rest. The water-based gel formula is not only refreshing but also effective, aiming to deliver a subtle glow by morning. It’s an easy way to incorporate the benefits of watermelon and targeted skincare actives into your regimen, ensuring you wake up with revitalized and hydrated skin.

Pulled Chicken Salsa Verde $8.99/16 Oz

A flavorful and convenient dish featuring tender chicken in a vibrant salsa verde. This product simplifies meal preparation without sacrificing flavor, making it a perfect choice for busy weeknights.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: Starting with seasoned boneless, skinless chicken breast, the chicken is slow-cooked in a flavorful salsa verde that includes roasted tomatillos, green chiles, cilantro, onion, and garlic. The chicken is seasoned with salt, white pepper, and garlic & onion powders.

Trader Joe’s Pulled Chicken Salsa Verde is fully cooked and shredded, ready to be used in a variety of dishes such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, or nachos. It offers a time-saving, flavorful addition to any meal, needing only about four minutes in the microwave or a few more on the stovetop to heat through. This makes it an exceptionally convenient option for creating tender, tasty meals that are both satisfying and easy to prepare.

Peanut Butter Brookie $4.49/10.5 Oz

A unique and indulgent treat combining two beloved desserts into one. This dessert merges the delight of a fudgy brownie with the savory sweetness of a peanut butter cookie, creating a multi-layered treat that’s both innovative and indulgent.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: The Peanut Butter Brookie features a base layer of rich, fudgy brownie batter topped with a peanut butter cookie batter that includes crunchy bits of chopped peanuts. A sprinkle of sea salt is added post-baking to enhance the flavors and complement the peanut profile.

The Peanut Butter Brookie delivers a heavenly combination of chocolate and peanut butter, accented by the texture contrast of a soft, just-baked cookie and a dense brownie. Perfect as a standalone snack straight from the package or warmed up and served with ice cream, it offers a versatile and satisfying treat for any dessert lover. Whether enjoyed alone or as part of a more decadent dessert, this Brookie provides a memorable and enjoyable eating experience.

Sun Lovin’ Dates $4.99/16 Oz

Natural and sweet, these medjool dates are a nutritious snack or ingredient.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: These are pure medjool dates, packed with natural sweetness and fiber, without any added ingredients.

Their natural sweetness and chewy texture make them perfect for snacking, stuffing with nuts or cheese, or incorporating into baked goods.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pistachios $3.99/6 Oz

A decadent treat that combines the crunch of pistachios with the richness of dark chocolate.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: Roasted pistachios covered in rich dark chocolate, which typically includes pistachios, dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter), and possibly soy lecithin.

This luxurious snack melds the crunchy texture of pistachios with decadent dark chocolate, offering a perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Pad See Ew $3.79/10 Oz

A vegan take on the classic Thai dish, featuring stir-fried rice noodles with authentic flavor. This dish captures the essence of traditional Thai cuisine, offering a vegan-friendly version that’s both hearty and delicious.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: The Pad See Ew is made using wide, flat rice noodles, stir-fried in a wok with vegetables such as carrots and Chinese broccoli, along with garlic. The noodles are seasoned with a mix of light and dark soy sauce, creating a rich, savory, and umami-packed flavor profile. The dish also includes tofu chunks and tofu sheets, adding protein and texture.

Trader Joe’s Pad See Ew is not only quick and easy to prepare, needing just minutes in the microwave, but also versatile, serving well as a work lunch, dinner entrée, or as part of a larger Thai-inspired meal. Each bite offers a delightful depth of flavor and a satisfying range of textures. For a complete meal, pair it with Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry, jasmine rice, and stir-fried baby bok choy. This dish ensures a delicious, nutritious, and authentic dining experience, straight from the freezer to your table.

Italian Lagorai Semi-Soft Cheese $10.49/1 Lb

A delicate and creamy semi-soft cheese from the Trentino region of Italy. It offers a slice of the Eastern Italian Alps’ dairy heritage. This traditional cheese, named Formaggio Lagorai, is crafted from an authentic recipe found inscribed on an antique cream skimmer, reflecting centuries-old cheesemaking practices.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: The cheese is made from the fresh milk of cows grazing on the Alpine grasses of Trentino, Italy. Following ancient methods, the milk is carefully filtered and chilled, then transformed into cheese using traditional techniques. The cheese curds are matured on pinewood shelves and regularly washed and turned over two months until they develop a delicate, semi-soft texture.

Italian Lagorai Cheese captures the essence of its Alpine origins, offering a taste that is as fresh and clean as the mountain air. With subtle aromas of herbs and mountain flowers and a mild, pleasant flavor, this cheese is perfect for those who appreciate fine, artisanal cheeses. Its unique backstory and traditional production methods make it a standout selection for any cheese lover’s board, ideal for pairing with a variety of wines and accompaniments.

Teal Mini-Insulated Tote Bag $3.99/1 Each

Compact and stylish, the teal mini-insulated cooler bag from Trader Joe’s is designed for convenience and portability.

Materials: Made from durable, insulated materials that help maintain the temperature of your food and beverages.

This bag combines functionality with a vibrant teal color and a playful tropical design. It’s perfect for small picnics, grocery shopping, or carrying snacks to the beach, ensuring items stay cool and fresh.

Magenta Mini-Insulated Tote Bag $3.99/1 Each

The magenta mini-insulated cooler bag offers a bright and eye-catching option for transporting temperature-sensitive items. As part of a vibrant, limited release, this tote combines practicality with eye-catching style.

Materials: Made from premium insulating material, this tote is designed to keep your food and beverages cool and fresh during transport.

The mellow teal color of this mini insulated tote makes it a fashionable choice for any occasion. Perfect for carrying chilled drinks to a beach outing, packing a lunch for the office, or even shopping for cold groceries, its versatile size and cooling capability make it a practical accessory for daily use. Get yours quickly, as these limited-edition totes are bound to sell out!

Panzerotti Pizza Bites $3.99/11.29 Oz

These delightful pizza bites are stuffed with a savory blend of mozzarella cheese and robust Italian tomato sauce, encased in a soft dough. Crafted in Southern Italy by specialists in appetizers, these bites elevate the simple concept of pizza rolls into a delectable culinary experience.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: Each bite consists of a half-moon-shaped pouch of chewy pizza dough, filled with a melty mozzarella cheese blend and a bold Italian tomato sauce, then lightly fried in vegetable oil.

The Panzerotti Pizza Bites are the epitome of convenience mixed with irresistible Italian flavor. Simple to prepare from frozen—just 12 minutes in an oven, 8-10 minutes in an air fryer, or 1-2 minutes in a microwave—these bites are perfect for serving as an appetizer, a party snack, or a quick after-school treat. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch, gooey cheese, and rich tomato sauce, making them a surefire hit for any occasion.

S’mores Bars $4.99/7.5 Oz

Trader Joe’s S’mores Bars capture the nostalgic essence of a classic campfire treat in a convenient, frozen snack. Each bar combines a fudgy brownie base, a layer of honey graham cracker, and a fluffy marshmallow crème topping.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: Each bar layers a graham-cracker-crumb crust, a rich fudgy brownie middle, and a gooey toasted marshmallow topping. This delightful trio mimics the classic campfire s’mores experience in a frozen bar format.

These bars are a hit for their delicious interplay of textures and flavors, offering the beloved s’mores experience without the need for a campfire. They’re perfect for an after-dinner dessert or a sweet treat at any time.

Red Cotton Picnic Cloths $5.99/1 Each

Enhance your outdoor dining experience with Trader Joe’s Red Cotton Picnic Cloths, designed to bring both style and functionality to your summertime gatherings.

Material: These cloths are made from 100% cotton, woven and hand-finished by expert suppliers in Tunisia. They are super soft and become even softer with each wash.

The rich red gingham design adds a vibrant and classic touch to any picnic, cookout, or barbecue. Sized perfectly for use as a napkin, placemat, or serving cloth, these cloths are versatile and practical, ideal for keeping things tidy during outdoor meals.

Blue Cotton Picnic Cloths $5.99/1 Each

Trader Joe’s Blue Cotton Picnic Cloths offer a refreshing touch of color to your picnic setup, blending seamlessly with the tranquil outdoor environment.

Material: Crafted from 100% cotton, these cloths are woven and finished by hand in Tunisia, ensuring high quality and durability.

The bright blue gingham pattern not only looks beautiful but also serves as an effective backdrop for your outdoor meals. These cloths are designed to function as napkins, placemats, or serving cloths, making them a multifunctional addition to your picnic essentials.

Yellow Cotton Picnic Cloths $5.99/1 Each

Brighten up your picnic or outdoor dining area with Trader Joe’s Yellow Cotton Picnic Cloths, perfect for adding a splash of summery zest.

Material: Like their counterparts, these cloths are made from 100% soft cotton, hand-finished by skilled artisans in Tunisia.

The summer citrus-y yellow and gingham design provide a cheerful and inviting look, suitable for any outdoor gathering. These cloths are soft, absorbent, and multi-purpose, excellent for use as napkins, placemats, or general kitchen towels, enhancing both their utility and style.

Instant Cold Brew Coffee $4.49/3.5 Oz

Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew Coffee revolutionizes the traditional cold brew process, offering a quick and satisfying way to enjoy a high-quality coffee. Priced at $4.49 for a 3.5 Oz jar, this product makes it easier than ever to savor a rich, full-bodied cold brew at any time.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients: This instant coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from India, utilizing a proprietary extraction process developed over two years. The result is a fine, dark powder that transforms into a delicious coffee when mixed with water.

Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew Coffee stands out for its ease of preparation and exceptional taste. Simply add a heaping teaspoon of the coffee powder to 12 fluid ounces of water, stir, and enjoy. The coffee delivers a smooth, dark brew with a caramel-like aroma and the distinct rich taste of cold-brewed coffee. Perfect for those who appreciate the flavor of cold brew but not the long wait, this instant coffee is a game-changer for coffee lovers.

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