ALDI SAVERS & 13 Best Aldi Products of All Time (According to Customers)


Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen 16″ Sausage Take and Bake Deli Pizza – $5.29

Burman’s Hot Sauce – $1.49


Park Street Deli Spinach or Jalapeno Artichoke Dip – $2.49

Park Street Deli Hummus Quartet – $3.29

13 Best Aldi Products of All Time (According to Customers)



1) Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese

  • Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese is a surprisingly versatile and healthy option for a snack or meal.
  • Cottage cheese is packed with nutrients, and is low-calorie. Because its light flavor, you can add as many (or as little) toppings as you would like to help enhance the taste.

2) Rookie of the Year: Friendly Farms Low Sugar Greek Yogurt

3) Ready When You Are: Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza

  • 16″ Pepperoni Deli Pizza
  • 16″ Five Cheese Deli Pizza
  • 16″ Supreme Deli Pizza
  • 16″ Thin Crust Mega Meat Deli Pizza
  • 16″ Sausage & Pepperoni Deli Pizza


4) Snacks For Everyone: Happy Farms String Cheese

  • Happy Farms Mozzarella String Cheese is the perfect snack for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re on the go or have a snack craving before dinner, Happy Farms String Cheese is the perfect go-to choice.
  • Not only is it delicious, but it’s a good source of calcium and has only 70 calories per servicing. Pick up this low-moisture part-skim string cheese during your next shopping trip at ALDI.

5) Cream Of the Crop: Avocados

ALDI avocados are perfect to add on toast, tacos, sandwiches, and to make delicious guacamole. Whether you want to make a bowl of homemade, fresh guacamole or spread smashed avocado over whole grain toast, our avocados make the perfect snack.

6) On The Lighter Side: Simply Nature Avocado Oil

7) Protein Pick: Kirkwood Fresh Chicken

Kirkwood Chicken Thighs are a flavorful option for lots of recipes. They can be grilled, baked or used in slow cooker recipes and retain their moisture and flavor extremely well. Serve with a light crispy skin or remove for a healthier option!

  • 3.5-lb. average tray size
  • Fresh, never frozen
  • All Natural
  • No Artificial Ingredients


8) What A Deal: Clancy’s Kettle Chips


9) Great Catch: Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Mediterranean Herb

10) Raise A Glass: Belletti Sparkling Moscato Rose

11) Choose Your Cheese: Emporium Selection Fresh Mozzarella

12) Sweet Tooth Satisfaction: Specially Selected Ice Cream

13) Sauce on the Side: Specially Selected Vinaigrette Dressings


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