Deutsche Kuche – Aldi German Food Line

Deutsche Kuche is Aldi’s private label German food line and it’s absolutely addicting!

Deutsche Kuche Bratwurst

Deutsche Kuche

Once you start shopping at Aldi it’s hard not to get sucked into all the delicious German food from the brand Deutsche Kuche, which translates to German cuisine or German kitchen.

The discount food chain is German after all, and keeping to their roots, they regularly stock German favorites including sausages, meats, cheeses and cookies, with most being imported from Germany.

Our family is always up for trying something new, so we regularly buy Deutsche Küche products. It’s not uncommon for us to have German night for dinner with all the products coming from Aldi.

Here are a few Deutsche Kuche products that you can buy at Aldi on the regular. This post will be updated with new products as we find them!

Deutsche Kuche Orange Jaffa Cakes

Deutsche Kuche Orange Jaffa Cakes

Whole Rye Bread

Aldi Whole Rye Bread

Pumpernickel Bread

Aldi pumpernickel bread

German Pound Cake

German Pound Cake

German Soup

Aldi German Soup

German Sauerkraut

German Sauerkraut

German Bratwurst

German Bratwurst



Butterkase Cheese


Black Forest Speck

Black Forest Speck

German Apple Strudel

Aldi Apple Strudel

Bavarian Soft Pretzels

Bavarian Soft Pretzels

For the biggest selection of Aldi German food, you have shop during Aldi German week.

Aldi German Week

A few times a year Aldi features German Week with a special selection of food items from Germany. These are in addition to the Deutsche Küche product line that is stocked year-round.

Some of the items we look forward to during Aldi German Week are packages of Spätzle, Pork Schnitzel and strudel desserts.

And that’s nothing compared to the spread of German food and beverages from Aldi brands that are stocked during the holidays!

We look forward to Christkindl Glühwein, Aldi German Gingerbread Cookies and the Aldi Chocolate Advent Calendar (The Aldi Wine Advent Calendar is not to be missed either, even though it’s not from Germany) every year.

Do you have any Deutsche Kuche favorites?



    • I always refer to your store as a “Man’s” store, little to no brand choices, it works great for me! The quality of your products often surpass the regular name brands.
      My wife and I totally enjoy your German products , please continue these items. My wife and I continually brag on your store and strongly recommend to anyone willing to listen. Thanks again, keep up the great work and service.

    • Yes, I just discovered them this year and haven’t been able to buy a second bag, looked at a few different Aldi’s. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next German week! I got the Swabian egg noodles with wheat Semolina…so good!

    • When Aldi first came to Hampton Roads area (VA) they sold so many German items it was a joy to shop there! And the prices were reasonable! But within a short time these imported items became less and less available. Now I can’t even find the sweet mustard. It’s as though they are intent on becoming AMERICAN…. American with a touch of Germany…. But only during “specialty” weeks. So sad.

    • I know what you mean! I am there 3 times now a week to see if they got the noodles in for the holidays but no their never in! I get tired of them being out of a German product all the time and it is German owned…When they do get them in, it is a small batch! So irritated!

    • I agree with Seige, I want the Pork Schnitzel. It’s better than pork fritters sold at other places like Walmart.

        • when do you stock the pork schnitzel at the West Branch, Michigan, Midland, Michigan, & Mount Pleasant, Michigan stores. They remind me of Germany, so good. The store told me to write so you would know these stores are out of these.

    • Make them yourself. Use pork tender loin filet and pound them out to the size and thickness you want. Then you can bread them and fry them up. Just like Schnitzel in Germany

  1. Eating the Deutsche Kuche fall harvest vegetable soup! Absolutely delicious. Great price for 2 large servings $2.99
    Can’t wait for German week! Spatzle!!!

    • I just went into an Aldi’s for the first time in my life and picked up the braunschweiger. It is literally the best I have ever had. Just got off the phone with a couple people raving about it.

      • I just noticed their Braunschweiger in a Aldi store i frequent last week! I was not aware they had been keeping it in stock.
        As a rule, get it while you can.

  2. I can’t find Deutsche Kuchel frozen spaetzle in Aldi anymore. Where did it go? It’s the best! Do you have any idea of where I can purchase it?


    • I just made a package of their Spaetzle in mushroom sauce and it is the best side dish I have ever eaten. Would love to order a case of it!

  3. I’m dying to find the cornichons with herbs again. They are beyond words delicious! Any chance of getting some now?

  4. We love the Deutche kueche brand what we like is the butter kase and Black Forrest schinkem When do you expect to have it in stock In N J

  5. I recently bought a box of Deutsche Kuche Bienenstich cake. I’ve had Bienenstiche before at a Deutschen Kaffee Haus. Bienenstiche is German for bee sting- for the honey that is on top of the cake. There is NO HONEY on or in this cake! So much for authentic German cuisine. I was very disappointed ????.

  6. I bought your Mac n cheese started to eat it found a very long hair inside of it. I’m totally grossed out. I hope someone can call me 3305405232

    • This is not an official Aldi web site – you’re not talking “to” Aldi at all – she is a just a person who talks about Aldi. You’ll need to contact Aldi directly if you want to complain to them.

    • omg. so addicted to these. ruined my taste for any other chips. I try to hold myself over between shipments by adding onion powder to other brand potato sticks. not the same, by any means.

  7. I was looking for delicious Doppel Keks Sandwich Cookie Cocoa Filling and I cannot finds anymore . Next time I will get 4-5 package of this cookies because the price is very good.

  8. We love Deutsche Kuche Sweet Bavarian Mustard!!! Why do you not import it to USA any longer??? Can you ship me a case directly?
    Also when will you build a store near our new house (30513)?

  9. I absolutely love the pork schnitzel! I saw there was a chicken one also, but it was out of stock when I tried to get it. Please put these in stock more often!

  10. I was trying to find pork cutlets. I think this is the same as Schnitzel.
    We have an Aldi’s. Do they carry this I haven’t had this since I was a child I would love to have it again

  11. First, I love the Duetsche Kuche Doppelino Sandwich Biscuits ! But I have a comment. They are sandwich cookies and normally the design on the cookie is on the outside. Yours has the design on only 1 side. Tell the machine to flip the other one ove

  12. I have eaten many brands of Sauerkraut in my lifetime…but the Deutsche Kuche German Style Sauerkraut is the best around. It is not quite as sauer as most brands and it is packed full with less brine then most Sauerkraut brands.

  13. Hello
    Can you tell me where I can purchase the DK black bread (pumpernickel or rye) — the very heavy, truly nutritious stuff? It is not at my store in Menomonee Falls. Where else in the Milwaukee area might it be available?

  14. My Aldi,a in Niagara Falls was out of the Braunschweiger (liver sausage)! It’s the best liver sausage I have tasted. Wish they made German baloney too!

  15. The Braunschweiger IS fantastic. But it must be catching on as I’ve been to 2 Aldi’s today and they’re OUT. Maybe we should leave it as a best kept secret. Hope more is on the way.

  16. Can’t live without the Deutsche Küche Braunschweiger leberwurst. (lver sausage). Hope ALDI brings it back into the Temecula, Riverside County, CA.

  17. We loved the Blueberry Muesli and Braunschweiger. Actually, all the Deutche Kuche. Products.. Please stock more of them in Naperville, IL.

  18. Why don’t you stock the Deutsche Kuche Beer Mustard and Bavarian Sweet Mustard in Livonia, Michigan? Luckily we stocked up last year, but have just finished the last jar. They are the best mustards that we have ever had. Can we buy it elsewhere in Michigan? We will drive to get it.

  19. Love German week at Aldi. White asparagus, the German cakes, Black Forest ham, and so much more. Just wish that they would carry all the items all of the time, and not just twice a year for German week.

  20. Recently stopped at the Aldi in Clinton Township on Hayes looking for Hagebutte but they didn’t have any. Ended up taking home Deutsche Kuche bavarian pretzels (OMG AMAZING), peanut puffs (pretty damn close to the ones we bought at Norma in Germany), and have yet to try the Harvest Potato soup which I’m pretty sure won’t disappoint.

  21. Purchased Lentil and Chickpea soup. This was the most vile lentil soup I have ever tasted. The chickpeas were hard and did not belong in this disgusting concoction. Totally disappointed. I was born in Hamburg and am used to better products than this garbage. Avoid at all costs.

    • I’m in LOVE with the Lentil Vegetable soup! If I’d have known it was a limited edition I’d have bought a dozen cans! Hope they bring it back to the regular line–SOON.

  22. FYI we bought the onion spaetzle last week and used it last night….IT STAINED MY PASTA SERVER and won’t come off with Dawn, comet.
    It ruined it,, it was white now out of the server is yellow

  23. FYI also just checked the package to contact deutsche kuche but no email etc on pkg or online, only ALDI info comes up… the package shows best used 08/17/2019 how can you sell something expires over a yr ago very disappointed. Someone owes me a new pasta server. I wonder will i her back from anyone and will they replace it

  24. We just started buying German food at this year’s German week best products ever we wish we could have all the German food all the time. We can’t even give you our favorites because we love d everything we bought thank you for all the great food.

  25. There use to be a Deutsche Kuche “red” wurst package (a very spicy wurst) but it is no longer sold and Aldi’s Hq will not explain why it is not sold anymore because from my view on how fast is sold out it was much more popular than the wurst packages available now…the blue, brown packages and sometimes yellow and green. It’s really weird because at the beginning of this web page (the first picture) is a picture of this wurst package but it does not exist in the south Florida as far as I can find.

  26. I love the Peanut Puffs which only come out at German week it seems. Truly this is the walk of shame because I nearly buy all the bags they have on the shelf. Not sure if I am the only one that loves them but I sure am the one that buys them. Think peanut butter captain crunch without the sweet. It is like a cheese puff but peanut butter flavored! The other love that they have not had in years are the Virgina Large fancy blistered peanuts in jalepeno flavor. Loved them so much I have tried making them myself to no avail.

    Love Aldi’s brand.

  27. Used to love the Cheese strudel that came in the assortment you sold (along with apple and fruits of the forest). It was replaced several years ago with caramel apple and other times with chocolate raspberry. Neither is as good as the cheese strudel. Please bring it back!

  28. We just bought the soups. Didn’t realize they’re artificially flavored. Seems odd. Artificially flavored pea soup?

  29. We buy from ALDI regularly and it IS so FUN to try these different German products.
    I am searching for the answer to this question: HOW is it possible for Deutsche Kuche Pumpernickel Bread purchased in Jan. 2021 to have the expiration date 01.01.2022?!
    My shock and horror is that it must be full of preservatives but none are listed on the ingredients label.

  30. I love your Strudels, Particularly the Fruits of the Forrest, but they have not been available for a long time. In fact your desert section has become lots of Ice cream and a couple cheese cakes.Really not selection.
    Please bring these back!

    • Easy to make. Take chicken breast and pound very thin. Season meat. Dredge in flour. Then egg. Then bread crumbs. Then deep fry or I use my large cast iron skillet and brown both sides! Enjoy.

  31. Aldi is a German store so why only two German weeks a year? You don’t see Mexican grocery stores only have two weeks of Mexican foods! Our local Asian markets sell all Asian foods year round as well! So make Aldi German and sell German foods year round.

  32. I am a new Aldi shopper. and the German schnitzel is over the top. I agree with the other Aldi shoppers…. set aside a German section … permanently. We stop at the Wixom, Waterford and Commerce locations, but all out.

  33. A permanent German section would be awesome. I’m tired of the limited supply of German products.

  34. Could you please tell me if the ALDI, Deutsche Kueche Sauerkraut contains probiotics, which it should unless it was pasteurized; so please let mw know how it was processed.
    Thank you

  35. I absolutely love these authentic German favorites. It’s almost like shopping at an import store, but with much lower prices!

  36. In Aldies yesterday and saw some Frangipane tarts. Picked up a cherry and a blackberry.
    Oh my gosh. The best crust I’ve ever had. So I went back today for more, but they were out. Dirty %(**&#F%^.

  37. Why does ALDI here in the US explain what is the limitation problem for Deutsche Kueche products not to be available all year around?

  38. For those who don’t know, Aldi and Lidl (both German grocery chains) are the largest grocery stores in the world and among the world’s most successful. Aldi brand products, while often less expensive, are frequently better quality than many brand name products. Deutsche Küche is an Aldi special brand frequently imported from Germany. American import laws do not allow any fresh meats to be imported from Germany or many other countries. Consequently, any Deutsche Küche meat products must be pre-cooked or cured before importation. There are many such products. If it doesn’t say “Product of Germany,” it was probably made here. Fortunately, chocolate is not included and German chocolate is excellent.

    Some of the comments complain that many products are unavailable that were part of Aldi’s selection previously. Aldi stocks what sells in a particular area or region, which is true even in Germany. Imagine my surprise when I moved from Milwaukee to East Tennessee. Milwaukee (and southeast Wisconsin) is heavily German. Many Deutsche Küche products are available in Wisconsin that are not stocked here because they don’t sell. Products available in Florida are not available here. “Deutsche Wöche” (German Week) is very limited here in comparison. I have been shopping at Aldi for over 60 years in Germany (I was stationed there in the early ’60’s) and the US. I consider the organization to be right up there with Costco when it comes to quality of operation.

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