Aldi Ranch Dressing

Aldi Ranch Dressing is a popular Aldi staple sold under the Aldi brand Tuscan Garden, which includes salad dressings and salad toppings. Read on for our review of Aldi Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing.

Aldi Ranch Dressing

Where do you find Aldi Ranch?

We found the Aldi Tuscan Garden Ranch on an end cap at our store, along with other salad dressings, vinegars and olives. This ranch dressing comes in a 16-fluid ounce plastic bottle and costs 85 cents at our store.

It’s an Aldi regular buy, which means it’s currently stocked year-round. (Aldi’s prices and item locations vary by store.)

Is Aldi Ranch Dressing good?

Ranch has been America’s favorite dressing for decades now, and the Ranch Dressing from Aldi does not disappoint! It has that creamy, herby flavor that we have all come to love. (We know there are some ranch dressing haters out there, but we assume if you’re reading this, you love it like we do!)

My family prefers this Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing over any brand-name ranch, including Hidden Valley, Wishbone, and Kraft. Aldi Tuscan Garden Ranch is the only brand we buy!

We should note that Aldi sometimes stocks a jarred ranch in the refrigerated case, as well. That brand is sold under the Little Salad Bar Aldi brand and is a dupe for Litehouse Ranch Dressing — We enjoy it, too, and stock up when it’s available.

The Little Salad Bar Ranch Dressing has more of a tangy, buttermilk flavor than the Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing, which is more comparable to Hidden Valley Ranch.

How do you use Aldi Ranch?

We use Aldi Ranch on salads, of course, and as a dip for raw vegetables. We have also used this Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing as a dip for chicken wings and tenders, French fries and pizza crust. It’s also great as a dressing for pasta salads.

Have you tried Tuscan Garden Dressing?


  1. Aldi ranch is the ONLY store bought ranch I have found to be any good.. in fact, it’s great!

    I definitely prefer a vinaigrette dressing for salads, but this is the best accompaniment for pizza rolls, veggies, and chicky nuggs.

  2. I just bought this ranch dressing for the first time and yes, it’s actually really great. I like using it on pizza crust when we get takeout so it’s not an everyday item for me — I wouldn’t put it on a salad.

    But 85 cents a bottle??? Whoa! Mine was $1.95 and I thought that was a steal! I’m in New England though.

  3. Just tried Aldi’s Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing for the first time tonight. SO good! My husband bought this item at an Aldi’s near his mom’s when he was out-of-state visiting her. I so wish we had an Aldi’s near us so that I could buy more when this bottle empties…it’s THAT good! Best store-bought ranch dressing I’ve had, hands down.

  4. I have purchased and enjoy the Tuscan Garden Ranch dressing at Aldi.
    Love the product except…
    The last several bottles I have purchased seemed like someone had glued the *#!@* cap on.
    I had to resort to channel locks to open the #@#!% thing.

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