Clancy’s Seasoned Pretzels

Grab these Clancy’s Seasoned Pretzels AKA Aldi Pub Pretzels before they disappear from stores!

Are seasoned pretzels popular where you live? Here they are a staple in farmer’s markets. There’s also a popular brand of them — Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels.

We’ve seen recipes that involve tossing store-bought pretzels with oil and seasoning mixes, then baking to make your own at home.

But as usual, Aldi has our back and has made it soooo much easier!

Clancy’s Seasoned Pretzels

Clancy's seasoned pretzels

These Clancy’s Pub Style Seasoned Pretzels are an Aldi Find in stores now. A 12-ounce bag sells for $1.69.

Aldi Finds are in special items in stores for a limited time. Aldi stores typically get just one shipment of these goodies, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Considering that what we see at the farmer’s market goes for $5 and up per pound, these seasoned pretzels are a steal!

Pub Pretzels Review

seasoned pretzels

As the bag says, these pretzels are bold and zesty. They are coated with a seasoning that has the garlic and onion punch that powdered ranch seasoning often provides.

Everyone in our family loves them, and we are headed back to Aldi for more Clancy’s Seasoned Pretzels this weekend!

Please take our advice and pick these up when you see them, because we expect them to fly off shelves quickly when the word gets out about how tasty they are.

In fact, we aren’t saying that you could repackage these and pass them off like you made them yourself … maybe even give them as gifts in a cute tin or something, but …

Have you tried Pub Pretzels yet?

Speaking of Aldi Finds we expect to fly off the shelves, the Aldi advent calendars will be released soon. Have you heard about this year’s versions? We’re especially excited about this Aldi Sparkling Wine Calendar.


  1. I just found these pub pretzels in a Aldo’s store , when they back to get more and was told they were out of season. You should have brought them out for the holidays they are a great snack to put on holiday buffet. I served them over thanksgiving and everybody wanted to know were I got them . They are fantastic and no one else makes them . I would love to have a CASE if possible let me know.

  2. I feel in love with the pub style. It great that my son doesnt like them. Now we dont fight over my snack. I dream of the day I can find them again. I’ll get 6 to 8 bags!

  3. Clancy’s Mini Twists used to be WAY Better than any other supermarket brand. They were full of flavor, Golden brown on one side and a nice coating of large crystal salt. But, over the last 4 to 6 months, they have very little taste, almost no salt and anemic. A lot of my Aldi favorites have been phased out fro one reason or another over the years. The Mini Twists were my last reason for shopping Alfi’s.f they don’t improve soon, I may need to stop going there entirely

  4. You need to make these a permanent item on the shelf. The stores in my area near Pittsburgh got little or no shipments this year. I looked over the Holidays and found none.
    These would go all year long if offered. Is there any way to buy them during the year with a special purchase?

  5. If they are to remain a seasonal item, at least increase your stock! Why would you NOT? At least limit people to no more than 4 bags. They are the best!!!

  6. The Pub Style pretzels are my all-time favorites! Please, please, please bring them back to the Kalamazoo area stores! My whole family loves them!

  7. had my first Clancys Pub-Style pretzels in an Aldi. Are they available online? Are they actually only available “in season?” What part of Onion & Garlic pretzels is “out-of season” ? Anyway, they were delicious.

  8. We love Clancy’s honey wheat pretzels and buy 4 tubs at a time. Please let whoever makes them ie supplier not to overbake them as they are too hard to chew and don’t taste as good. Thank you!

  9. I’ve been a fan of Clancy’s PretZel Sticks for quite a while. Lately I’ve noticed a change. They used to be a bit thicker than a run of the mill pretzel stick by other manufacturers and had a minimal amount of salt. i loved them. Now the sticks seem to be quite a bit thinner and loaded with salt. I’m hoping this is a fluke and you will return to the original recipe soon. Thanks for your consideration.

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