Aldi Nashville Hot Shrimp

Aldi Nashville Hot Shrimp has the famous flavor of Nashville fried chicken in breaded shrimp form. Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp are dipped in a cayenne infused buttermilk batter with a spicy panko coating– they’re super spicy and tasty, and one of our favorite Aldi Finds!

Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp and Togarashi Shrimp from Aldi

Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp

Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp are sold at Aldi in 10 oz packages in the frozen food section.

The Aldi Nashville Hot Shrimp were released with Togarashi Shrimp (breaded shrimp coated in a traditional Japenese Togarashi spice blend) for $4.99 each.

Where do you find Aldi Nashville Hot Shrimp

We found Nashville Hot Shrimp in the frozen food cases with the frozen products that rotate from week to week. In our store, these are the freezers in the center of the aisle rather than against the wall. Of course, the location can vary by store, but the product comes frozen.

Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp is an Aldi Find under the Fremont Fish Market Aldi brand private label that includes fish and seafood.

Are Nashville Hot Shrimp Good

Nashville Hot Shrimp from Aldi is SO GOOD –– IF you like spicy foods! We assume you enjoy spicy foods if you’re considering anything “Nashville Style” whether that’s chicken or shrimp.

Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp definitely have a kick and we loved every single breaded shrimp in the box.

The portion size isn’t huge for the price, but the breaded shrimp are big on flavor so you wouldn’t eat the entire box yourself in one sitting. We think there is enough shrimp for 2-3 people depending on how you portion it.

Fremont Nashville Hot Shrimp

The best way to serve Nashville Hot Shrimp would be in a Po Boy, but they’re equally delicious as an appetizer or served alongside coleslaw and french fries.

The only thing you have to add when serving Nashville Hot Shrimp is sliced pickles. We’re particularly fond of Aldi Atomic Pickles, but if that’s too much heat, any sliced dill pickle will do...pickles are a must though!

How do you prepare Fremont Fish Market Shrimp

The directions on the box advise preparation in the oven as the shrimp are not fully cooked…so DO NOT microwave the breaded shrimp.

Aldi Nashville Hot Shrimp

Like most frozen foods, we cooked the breaded Nashville Hot Shrimp in our Air Fryer for 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees.

We know air fryers vary, so fry at the temp/time that works best for you. The hot shrimp should be crispy on the outside and pink inside once fully cooked.

If you didn’t get the Ambiano Air Fryer when it was in stock at Aldi, consider an Air Fryer from Amazon — it’s our most used kitchen appliance!

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Have you tried Fremont Breaded Shrimp?

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