Bremer Bistro French Onion Soup

You will find this Bremer French Onion Soup in the Aldi freezer section!

French onion soup is a classic, and it’s the favorite soup of many people. The concoction usually includes beef broth, caramelized onions, and wine. It’s usually served with a layer of melted cheese and croutons or crusty bread on top.

Bremer French Onion Soup

Bremer French Onion Soup

Aldi’s version of French Onion Soup is available on a seasonable basis. It usually comes out as an Aldi Find a few times a year. It is priced at $3.99 for two 10-ounce servings (prices may vary by store).

You won’t find this soup in the canned soup aisle. Bremer French Onion Soup is available in the freezer section.

How to make French Onion Soup

I have never seen a frozen soup packaged like this one. The two servings of soup are frozen in cylinders and vacuum-sealed in plastic. The soup is not in any bowl or container — just frozen in the cylinder shape wrapped in the plastic.

So obviously, the first part of the directions for this french onion soup involve cutting it out of the plastic wrapping and placing it in a microwave- or oven-safe bowl.

aldi frozen soup

To heat this soup, you are given two choices in directions — oven or microwave. Oven is listed as the preferred method, but be aware that even though this is a frozen convenience item, there’s not going to be anything quick about oven preparation. You will need to bake the soup at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. The good thing about the oven preparation is that it does result in a layer of swiss cheese and bread browned on top of your soup.

The microwave preparation method will give you hot soup in just five minutes. But be aware that the cheese will be stirred into the soup if you heat in the microwave. If you still want that layer of cheese on the top, the box suggests topping the heated soup with cheese and putting under your broiler to melt it.

Is this soup good?

We enjoyed this Bremer French Onion Soup even more than we expected to. It has great flavor, and baking it did result in hot soup with a cheesy topping. I bought and prepared this on a cold day when I was feeling under the weather, and it filled the bill for something that felt comforting and warm for supper, without needing a lot of preparation.

If you love French onion soup, and it’s not something you’re going to make on your own, this would definitely satisfy your craving. It would also be an easy first course to serve if you are making a more involved dinner.

Have you tried this Aldi French Onion Soup? What did you think?


  1. The French Onion Soup is great!. I would eat it every day if I could find it. I wish Aldi could keep it in the stores as a regular item.

    I live in Cordova/Memphis, Tenessee.


  2. Recently tried this soup…delicious!!! I added more cheese but once I did that it was the best French onion soup I ever had. So impressed I went back to Aldi to stock my freezer so I could have it often. I was so disappointed to find out it was a seasonal product and only one package was left. . I am online now because I was hoping I could order it from somewhere. I will be watching for this again and next time I will definitely stock up.

  3. Like others have said, this soup is very good! Tasty with cheese and croutons floating at the top. I’ve found it periodically in a few Aldi’s, but it’s only there for a few days, and then gone for months and months. I really wish it would be offered more often. It sells out very quickly at the stores I go to.

  4. This soup was delicious. I was disappointed to learn it’s no longer available as a seasonal item. I hope they decide to stock it yearround.

    • I have bought it a couple of times. I have not been able to find it for quite awhile it’s winter they should really get it in stores.

  5. Loved this soup. I agree with all the others, wish we could find this year round. Nice to have on hand!

  6. I ran across this soup at Aldi’s and thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised! I saved label so I wouldn’t forget to get it again, but of course it isn’t there now. I’d love to get it year round.

  7. The French Onion soup is absolutely fabulous! The best ever, i sure don’t understand why it is seasonal. When i see it i buy all of it. I have one left in my freezer…i’m savoring it. Attention: Aldi marketing department you need to get on board and make this a full time product. Please? Hopefully i will see it soon. Please!

  8. Love the Bremer Bistro French onion soup, I look for it every week hoping it will be there. I wish it were available all the time. Any idea when you will have it back?

  9. This brand of soup in Aldi’s is delicious! I didn’t see the French Onion soup but I was able to pick up the Loaded Potato soup, and I loved it! It taste so good. They also had a Grilled Cheese Tomato soup that I tried. It was good too. My favorite is the Loaded Potato Soup. I went back to Aldi’s to get more but they were all gone. I was so disappointed. I hope they restock soon.

  10. I’m eating this French Onion Soup right now. Love it. The last time the soup came in at Aldis they didnt get the french onion in. I only have 1 left. Need nore. I hope they get it in Bridgeport Wv store. They are suppose to call me when they get it in. I bought about 10 of them.

  11. We can’t get the frozen Bistro French Onion Soup in the Orlando area but only seasonally .Please Aldi’s make it a permanent item .Never seen a Loaded Potato soup . But the frozen cottage pie Bremer makes is really good a little thin but very good

  12. I love love love this soup. I went to six Aldi stores in the Chicago area and bought whatever I could find. Please keep this in stock all the time!!!

  13. Just an FYI — Trader Joe’s carries an almost identical product and I’ve always seen it in stock, not just seasonally

  14. This soup is great. Ive tried to find again so disappointed to see it might be seasonal. Hopefully they will have it at least periodically.

  15. the French onion soup is really good and tasty I ‘ve only made it in the microwave so I cannot comment on the oven method anyway I try to ration them in the freezer so I can eat some when I’m cold because you cant always find them , stock up when I find them

    Hamden, ct

  16. Isn’t it funny that friends are giving negative comments and they are not published? This is not good and does not resemble a true french onion soup. Not good and this too will not be published.

  17. I have bought it a couple of times. I have not been able to find it for quite awhile it’s winter they should really get it in stores.

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