A Look Into Aldi’s Milk Sources (Dairy + Non-Dairy)

Aldi is known for its cheap products, and at times, the deals are too good to be true.

One item priced lower than other retailers charge is Aldi milk. Milk is one of the most consumed items in the U.S, with people taking an average of 141 pounds per year in 2020.

However, milk can get expensive, especially for the top-quality and branded ones.

Here, we will break down Aldi’s milk quality and tell if it’s a choice worth considering or not.

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What Kind of Milk Does Aldi Carry?

Aldi has a milk and milk substitute section that contains a wide variety of milk under their Friendly Farms label.


Some of the different kinds of milk you can buy at Aldi include;

  • Regular milk
  • Whole milk
  • Fat-free milk
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Skim milk
  • Organic whole milk
  • Sweetened original vanilla milk
  • Organic milk
  • Organic milk with DHA Omega-3
  • Lactose-free milk

Non-dairy types include:

  • Coconut milk
  • Oat milk
  • Unsweetened original vanilla milk
  • Chocolate Almond milk
  • Whipped dairy topping
  • Coconut whipped topping
  • Organic milk
  • Organic milk with DHA Omega-3
  • Vanilla soymilk
  • Unsweetened original almond milk

Who Makes Aldi’s Milk?

Aldi milk is housed under its private brand Friendly Farms. This milk is sourced from the same plants as other brand-milks and then repackaged under Aldi’s private brand.

Is Aldi Milk Good Quality?

Yes, Aldi milk is of good quality, even though it is cheaper than other kinds of milk. Research shows it is precisely the same as brand-name milk, just different labels and packaging. It is not of lesser quality or B-grade milk.

Where is Aldi Milk Sourced?

Aldi milk comes from the U.S dairy farms located across the country. All the name-brand milk also come from these farms. Aldi buys this milk wholesale, packages it under their private brand, and then distributes it to their stores.

Aldi gets all their milk locally in the United States and not China.

The Truth About Aldi Milk

There have been many claims and rumors about Aldi milk and why you should avoid it, but we’ll quash all that here.

Aldi’s Friendly Farms Milk Brand

Friendly Farms is just another Aldi exclusive brand amongst many others you will see on their products. There is nothing to worry about this brand, as it only helps Aldi repackage their milk and sell it in stores at low prices.

All the milk sold under this brand has a real stamp of approval, so there’s nothing wrong with this brand.

Is Aldi’s Organic Milk Really Organic?

Aldi’s organic milk is sold under their organic brand, Simply Nature, which contains several other foods.

According to the Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit organization whose mandate is to promote economic justice, Simply nature milk comes from Aurora Organic Dairy. This is the largest factory organic dairy producer in the United States.

While this producer has had a few issues, it is widely acclaimed for producing organic milk and is behind most of the brand names on shelves.

As such, Aldi milk is genuinely organic since it is produced by a company that is fully invested in delivering organic products.

Is Aldi Milk Ethical?

Aldi has been intentional in recent years with their ethical sourcing responsibilities with plans like aiming to go fully cage-free for their eggs.

They have an Animal Welfare Policy that indicates the humane conditions that all animals used to source their products should be treated. As such, you can be sure that milk sourced from cattle is obtained ethically.

They say that they won’t tolerate animal abuse or neglect in their supply chain.

Is Aldi Milk Really rBST-free?

rBST is a growth hormone used to increase milk production in cows. While it can increase the quantity of milk, it is potentially harmful to humans as it increases the risk of colon, breast, or prostate cancer.

According to their website, Aldi says their suppliers guarantee that their milk is hormone/rBST free. The cows are not treated with these hormones or any other antibiotics that can be harmful to people.

Why is Aldi Dairy so Cheap?

Aldi’s milk being cheap has very little to do with the milk itself. Aldi’s whole business model is about making products affordable, and milk is just one of the many cheap items sold here.

This makes them sell milk sold by all other name brands at a lower price than them.

First, Aldi stocks very few name-brand items to avoid paying for the costs of endorsing these brands. For instance, they run everything under their private brand, Friendly Farms, to keep costs low.

Their stores and supply chain are also designed to reduce costs. For instance, they employ fewer people, run small stores, limited operation hours, and have a no-frills shopping experience. All these initiatives help Aldi save a lot of money, allowing them to pass some of these to the customers.

Should you Skip Buying Aldi’s Cheaper Milk?

No, Aldi’s milk is safe and of good quality, and if you want to save on your food bill, buy Aldi’s milk.

Friendly Farms Milk Recall

There has not been any recent milk recalls by Aldi U.S. The Friendly Farms brand milk is well packaged and processed since the same milk is sold in multiple brands. The farms producing them are very careful as a single recall can affect a lot of milk in the market.


Aldi’s milk is one of the popular items in the store, but cheap products always raise eyebrows. However, you have nothing to worry about Aldi milk, as it is one of the beneficiaries of the company’s broader plan to avail items to customers at low prices. If you want to save on milk and other home supplies, check out Aldi’s collection for amazing deals.

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