Aldi Crab Rangoon Dip

Aldi Crab Rangoon Dip is one of the new products for Aldi Asian Week! Check out our review of Park Street Deli Crab Rangoon Dip and let us know if it’s a product you’re going to try!

aldi crab rangoon dip

Aldi Crab Rangoon Dip

Crab Rangoon Dip can be found in the refrigerated foods case near cheese, hummus and other cold dips. The location may vary by store, but it’s definitely in the cooler section at Aldi.

The ready-to-eat dip was released during Aldi Asian week and is $3.29 per 12-oz container sold under the Park Street Deli Aldi private label.

Aldi Cran Rangoon Dip is an Aldi Find, meaning once it’s sold out it may or may not return. We always recommend stocking up on the Aldi Finds you like because you never know if or when they will be back.

park street deli crab rangoon dip

Is Park Street Deli Crab Rangoon Dip Good?

This my friends is a loaded question – and that’s saying a lot for a ready-made dip! We assumed before trying the Aldi crab rangoon dip that it would taste like the filling of crab rangoon that we get at our local Chinese takeout restaurant – heavily cream cheese-based with a hit of imitation crab.

If that is the flavor you’re craving, Park Street Deli Crab Rangoon Dip DOES NOT taste the same as crab rangoon filling.

With that being said, we still enjoyed Aldi crab rangoon dip but it took a couple of bites to get accustomed to the flavor, which is surprisingly sweet at first, with a mild crab flavor, and ends with a spicy, but not-too-spicy, kick. There is also a strong presence of ginger. If you don’t like any amount of spice, this is not the dip for you.

Park Street Deli Crab Rangoon Dip is one of those foods where you have to give it a chance because after the first tasting we weren’t convinced (simply because it does not taste like Chinese takeout crab rangoon), but as we kept on eating it became clear that the dip is really good – so much so that we’re planning on getting another tub before it sells out.

The flavor is totally unique and not like any other dip that we’ve tried.

How do you use Aldi Crab Rangoon Dip?

We ate Park Street Deli Crab Rangoon Dip right out of the container with crackers. This is the most basic way to enjoy the dip, along with an assortment of veggies.

Our Facebook Group members suggested frying up some wonton crisps, and honestly, that sounds like the ideal way to enjoy crab rangoon dip.

Other suggestions in the group included using it as stuffing for chicken, homemade egg rolls and in sushi.

Have you tried Aldi Crab Rangoon Dip?


  1. This is a sandwich salad disguised as a whole other theme (to boost sales?) and it’s magnificent as such, change my mind.

  2. Delish! Spoon into phyllo flaky pastry shells straight from the freezer aisle, bake for a few minutes till hot, sprinkle with chopped green onion. Serve with sweet chili sauce.

  3. They should never have named it crab rangoon dip as everyone is expecting it to taste somewhat like the Chinese restaurant version.; It does not. It is quite tasty just sitting atop a cracker.. And the subtle heat you taste at the end is wonderful. It’s a keeper in my book.

  4. I did think it was going to taste like Crab Rangoon. It doesn’t. It’s very tasty and crunchy. It’s a little spicy, but delish! I simply ate it on wheat thins. Keep it on your shelves year round. It will definitely sell.

  5. Lived in New Orleans 40 years. Bought this dip for a holiday party in North Alabama 2021 December. It was delicious and was a unique taste of rangoon crab flavor delicious on chips, crackers and soft pretzel baked minis! Its the best party attention getter and at an affordable price.

  6. We love it, and if you mix a small amount with a larger amount of cream cheese it is more of a crab rangoon flavor. I have made trips to ALDI’s just to purchase this when we have run out. So easy to put out for drop in company, just add crackers.

  7. This is nothing like the crab rangoon in chinese restaurants. Anyone who says it is slightly spicy must be used to eating vindaloo curries or munching on habanero peppers. If you are not used to extremely spicy curries or hot peppers stay away from this, it will set fire to your mouth!

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