Belmont Ice Cream

Belmont Ice Cream is high quality at a low price!

Aldi ice cream review

Aldi Ice Cream

Belmont Ice Cream is sold at Aldi in 1.5-quart cartons. Belmont is one of the most popular Aldi private label brands, featuring ice cream, frozen novelties and pies.

Regularly stocked flavors at Aldi include Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Moose Tracks, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Butter Pecan. 

Where do you find Belmont Ice Cream?

We found this ice cream in the stand up freezers along the back wall of our Aldi store, where the regularly carried frozen food is stocked.

The ice cream costs $1.95 per carton and is an Aldi regular buy. Aldi occasionally releases other flavors of Belmont brand ice cream as Seasonal Favorites. (Prices and item locations vary by store.)

Aldi Belmont Ice Cream

But is it good?

We love most flavors of this ice cream at my house. Our favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough. We find it to be very creamy, with lots of chocolate chunks and cookie dough included.

Aldi ice cream is comparable to name-brand ice creams such as Blue Bunny, Breyers, and Turkey Hill. We also regularly buy Aldi Strawberry Ice Cream, which contains a lot of real fruit!

We are not sure that all of the Aldi ice cream is made with the same formula, however.

For example, we find the vanilla ice cream used in the Moose Tracks flavor to be significantly less creamy and rich than the vanilla ice cream used in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. We suggest trying several flavors to find your favorites!

Aldi Belmont Ice Cream

This ice cream is a sweet treat that my whole family enjoys. The price of Aldi ice cream is simply unbeatable! Even the “loss leader” sale prices on ice cream at other supermarkets do not compare with the price we can buy this ice cream for every day. This is a weekly purchase at our house.

Which Aldi ice cream flavors are loved by your family?


    • What is criminal is when you search Aldi’s online for non dairy or almond milk ice cream, all the Aldi’s brands come up and the don’t list the ingredients or show the label. If your disabled and trying to order delivery ALDI can’t be trusted.

      • Hunt,

        Why not post this question directly to Aldi’s. Their website provides an on-line form which they say is monitored Monday – Friday. I am using it to address an issue with a specific product. It’s fast and easy.

      • What is Actually ‘Criminal’; is when Aldi HIDES content information. A standard amongst ice cream manufacture, is to lose time gradients, “percent over feel. “Overfill percentage is how much air is injected into the process In order to make the ice cream if you’re more creamy/softer.
        Hey quality ice cream to contradict Aldi brand is Breyers(R)~ Breyers Contains very little air-overfill. In a side by side test, Breyers ice cream is always going to be how did the scoop and much more dense! So consider that, because Aldi Fails to inform you what percent of the continent is injected air = think of it like this = if an Alfi ice cream container contains 1.5 quarts ice cream; and if it is 80% air; as a result you really only have slightly more than 1 quart of ice cream!!!
        ••SO, Just how inexpensive is your Aldi ice cream now?

        • Sorry, not, “post time gradients quote; but to post in the ingredients, the percentage overfill(Yes not on the package; then at very least on the manufacturers webpage)

      • Does ALDI even deliver? I’m pretty sure you can only get delivery using a delivery app such as Instacart and that would be a them problem.

  1. I found Belmont Banana Bonanza about a year and a half or two years ago but I haven’t seen it since. It was in the small one pint container.
    Any chance it can be ordered or found in another store outside of my Elgin, IL area? It’s the best!

    • Dan, (and anyone else below, who is concerned or has inquiries…

      I am responding as a consumer. This website’s questions do not appear to be monitored.
      Try posing the question to Aldi’s website. GO do the Contact into and use the ’email’ section. If you have a photo (and if you’re more coordinated than me!) you can upload a photo, if needs be.

      BTW, I checked this website as I am looking for a not-too-sweet ice cream flavor, preferably coffee, to enjoy. I guess I’ll have to buy one to try it out. Thanks

      All the best.

  2. Why is it that we have gotten the cookie dough ice cream over 5 times and only 1 ti.e there was cookie dough in it!? Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Same here. I got the strawberry one and there are no strawberries in it at all. Even though the photo is totally different, and the description says “loaded with real strawberries.” False advertisement.

      • Seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s made with fresh strawberry. Either way, if you want fancy ice cream and you’re that particular then you sound more like a Krogers or other Yuppie grocery store shopper. However, if you want delicious ice cream for $2 a gallon you can’t go wrong with the Belmont at ALDI. I’d recommend topping it with diced strawberries, blackberries or raspberries and a bit of whipped cream.

  3. The peaches and cream has lost its way there’s barely any peaches flavor left it’s mostly just vanella, do you really think changing the recipe will create more profit personally I don’t want to buy it anymore.

    • As a consumer I have had the same trouble with their cheesecake, no protective cover. I had to throw out one and that is sacrilegious. I am pretty sure I cried.

  4. I just moved to FLA from NYC. Shopped at a local ALDI’S here and I bought your Belmont ice cream. Without a doubt, this is one of the BEST ice creams brands I ever tasted. Because I am diabetic, I can only have an occasional teaspoon. Does ALDI’S carry a Low or No Sugar Ice Cream?
    Please let me know where I can buy some near The Villages.
    Thanks very much
    Richard Florman

    • Aldi’s Sundae Shoppe Keto Ice Cream comes in Peanut Butter Fudge, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough flavors. It has no added sugar and is sweetened with the sugar alcohol erythritol, along with monk fruit. … Our favorite flavors are the Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough.

      They just started selling it in Feb. hopefully this helps.

    • They also sell Belmont low fat salted caramel and vanilla However the keto half pints that Rifah mentioned below are probably best with no sugar for diabetics. They’re pretty good too.

  5. Bought Belmont Ice cream today and found it has no cellphone sealer and was melting. This is not the way to sell ice cream especially when current virus is prevalent at this time

  6. Is Aldi no longer carrying the 1/2 fat Belmont vanilla ice cream? I haven’t been able to find it in my store for over a month!

  7. I buy 4-6 half gallons of the belmont sea salt caramel 50% fat free at a time. I can’t find any in any of your stores in my immediate area. What has happened?
    Do you ship out order of ice cream?

  8. I got the Belmont butter pecan icecream .. opens it and a big peice of cardboard in it … yuck.yuck .

  9. This manufacturer doesn’t protect their product with plastic covering. Had to throw out two containers with finder marks in them from Aldi.

  10. I just purchased a container of Belmont ice cream. I can’t tell you how it tasted because I didn’t try it. There was no cellophane wrapper around the lid or under it. Contaminants can enter the container at any point along the supply chain or by unscrupulous customers. It may be cheap, but it is also unsafe.

  11. The outside container of strawberry ice cream states it has no high fructose corn syrup. But the ingredients list says there is corn syrup in the strawberries! Also why is there not a plastic barrier over the ice cream? The cardboard lid us all that is there? That isn’t very sanitary.

    • Hi. Corn syrup is a lot different from high fructose corn syrup. Corn syrup is glucose. It’s fine for you. High fructose corn syrup is poison for your liver (I’m a pathologist). HFCS is modified to be sweeter than corn syrup and it’s metabolized differently. Avoid HFCS at all costs, but regular corn syrup is fine.

  12. Everyone seems very concerned over the plastic lid. They are probably trying to reduce costs and reduce plastic waste. It’s not a requirement based on FDA guidelines. From what I’ve heard, they are put upside down during the manufacturing process and the ice cream should stick to the lid. It should be rather obvious if it’s been opened. Honestly, it never even crossed my mind when I opened a container I bought. I don’t buy ice cream often but I’ve usually purchased Turkey Hill in the past when it’s on sale. Usually ice cream just sits opened/half eaten in our freezer for a while so I don’t remember if that one was sealed.

    • Saw a video where delinquents were opening containers & scraping out icesceam. You cant always tell if someone has messed with it. Specially if it thawed some????

  13. Plastic seal? What brands have them? I live in Pittsburgh, PA. and none of the brand name ice creams, nor the store’s ice cream have any plastic seals. What’s everyone complaining about?

    • There was a video on Youtube recently that showed a woman at a supermarket licking some ice cream and then replacing the lid. That’s what people are worried about.

  14. Belmont BLACK CHERRY SORBET is AMAZING. Just discovered it and it’s out of stock. Also love the goat cheese with Cinnamon & Cranberry, and the one with Blueberries. They’re like dessert!

  15. Belmont MINT Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is excellent, with NO green dye. Just tried the brand today, and will be buying other flavors. Great quality, affordable price, and one happy husband, and he’s a picky ice cream guy. (Engineers are generally hard to please, and he loved it.)

  16. The chocolate chip cookie dough is really good! Quite creamy texture and not a lot of air! Need more selection in stores!

  17. The peach Belmont Ice Cream is awesome and less fat so I buy 3-4 at a time at Aldi when they have it BUT the company needs to put a “SEAL on it. It could be tampered with in this day and age by lifting the lid and dropping something on inside. How about plastic wrap, or seal over it like cottage cheese, or just a plastic lid that has to be pried open?

  18. REALLY enjoyed the first Sea Salt Caramel low fat ice cream. Bought 2 more, and there wasn’t as much caramel in both combined. as was in the first container. Disappointed.

  19. So I really love the ice cream you guys make…is there anyway you could put more cookie dough in the chocolate chip cookie dough? I’m sad to say there was only 5 pieces of cookie dough, I loved the chocolate chips but my wife was mad about the lack of cookie dough. Ok good night

  20. The 1 pint container of Cherry Much ice cream by Belmont contains a large air bubble in the bottom of the pint. This causes a loss of about 10% of the product. This has been a regular event. I guess they are trying to save money without raising the cost of the product!

  21. I love the Belmont moose tracks ice cream and the.Belmont chocolate ice cream but you should put a protective seal on the cover

  22. Ok let’s address the elephant in the room, when are we going to make a chunky monkey like ice cream? The thank you cherry much is a close to cherry Garcia. Let’s now do the chunky monkey !!!!!!!!!
    Sincerely Michael J. Paiva

  23. The French vanilla is probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. I’m 35 and the older I get the less I care about chocolate and other ice cream flavors and find myself just liking plain ole vanilla. I tried it on a whim and now it’s a weekly purchase for me. So good!

  24. I shop at Aldi’s for one reason: Belmont Cookies and Cream ice cream. I don’t know what they do to it to make it so delicious but I have tried every other comparable brand and none even come close.

  25. I opened the ice cream and once I scooped out ice cream a black round circle lid came out! This is so unsanitary! I’ve never had that happen to me and I’m really disgusted. Thank God I didn’t let kids scoop it out because one of them might have eaten it! Super dangerous!

  26. Where can I buy the Milk and cookie ice cream? It was so good. I look every single time I’m in Aldi. Please bring it back.

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