Hawaiian Stuffing Mix Is Back For Your Holiday Side Dishes

Chef’s Cupboard Hawaiian Stuffing Mix is back for 2021! Look for it in Aldi stores beginning the first week in November!

I was recently part of a seminar where this question was asked as an ice breaker: “What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?” While there were a few outliers, the winner was a toss-up between the stuffing (which some called dressing), and sweet potato casserole.

While the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving feast is the perfectly browned turkey, I’ve always been more of a side dish girl myself. And the stuffing (which I guess we should call dressing, since we don’t stuff it in the bird at my house), is one of my faves.

Chef's Cupboard Hawaiian Stuffing Mix

Chef’s Cupboard Hawaiian Stuffing Mix

People have a lot of opinions about what goes into the perfect stuffing. Some use whatever leftover bread they have on hand, while others search for the perfect loaf of French, Italian or Sourdough bread. And then there are those who insist that their stuffing must be made with cornbread.

But, Aldi. Aldi has us all beat. Because this stuffing is made with Hawaiian Bread.

The Chef’s Cupboard Hawaiian Stuffing Mix is available in two flavors — Classic Herbs & Spices, or Sage & Onion.

hawaiian stuffing mix

Is Aldi Hawaiian Stuffing Mix Good?

I first spotted this Hawaiian Stuffing Mix at Aldi during the holiday season in 2018. I’m not sure if that was the first year it was available, or just the first year I noticed it. So, I bought one box.

You prepare this stuffing in the same way you make other boxed stuffing mixes — bring water and a little butter to a boil, stir in the contents of the box, and let sit until softened. The box says “Ready in 5 Minutes,” and that is a bit misleading. It takes about 10-12 minutes to prepare this stuffing if you count the time it takes to boil the water. It still makes it a quick, no-fuss side dish.

aldi hawaiian stuffing

My family absolutely loved this stuffing. It has the sweet taste of Hawaiian bread, combined with enough herbs and spices to make it extremely flavorful. My husband immediately wanted more, and, of course, like many Aldi Finds, there was no more to be had. That’s why I bought several boxes to stock up when it began appearing in stores in 2019.

While my Thanksgiving tradition typically includes a more homemade version of stuffing, this boxed mix is a great, easy side dish for other meals throughout the year, and for favorites like chicken and stuffing casserole. It is priced just under $1 per box, which makes it a very affordable convenience food.

Have you tried Chef’s Cupboard Hawaiian Stuffing Mix? What do you think?


  1. […] Aldi is fully stocked with stuffing choices for your Thanksgiving table. If you or any of your guests are following a low-carb diet, you may want to pick up this riced cauliflower stuffing in the freezer case. While it is not strictly keto, it will reduce the carbs on your plate. We also recommend this Chef’s Cupboard Hawaiian Stuffing Mix. […]

  2. I am like you in that I bought one box to try. We loved it and there was no more to be found. I will buy several boxes this year when it comes out for the holidays.

  3. Here is my stuffing recipe. My family raves about this when I make it at home.

    1.5lbs cooked mild or sweet italian sausage ground up.
    (I like both)

    One medium diced, sauteed yellow onion.

    1/2 cup Cranberries cooked or even the kind out of a bag that are ready to eat

    One large sweet potatoe chopped into small cubes and roasted. (Till soft. OR canned sweet yams just cube it up 🙂 )

    1/4 tsp of apple pie spice or a pumpkin pie spice. (1/4 tsp per box) my personal fave is the pumpkin pie spice.

    One or two boxes of stuffing mix already made.

    Once all is cooked to your liking, just add it all together in a large bowl and it’s amazing. We have it as a whole meal some nights.

    Feel free to save and share the recipe. It takes time but it’s sooooo worth it. Roughly 30 mins if you can cook more than one thing at a time on your stove. And about an hour for the sweet potatoes if you do choose to roast it.

  4. Does anyone know if you can make this in the oven? I’d like to add some extra things to the couple of boxes I have but would like to possibly cook it in the oven so it looks nicer at our family Thanksgiving.

    • its just dried bread and seasonings so you can always add it to your stuffing/dressing recipe. As long as you add some water to hydrate it and some sort of fat like butter to give it that delicious flavor.

    • I Always make my stuffing like a bread loaf and then slice it using dried stuffing.

      I add dried stuffing, eggs, onions, garlic, seasonings and herbs. Mix amounts until all stuffing is ‘wet’ and seasoned. Then pour into loaf pans and bake. Then slice into slices and serve along with your Turkey and gravy. ????

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