Aldi Atomic Pickles

 Aldi Atomic Pickles are refrigerated deli pickle chips with a kick of spiciness, adding heat and flavor to burgers, wraps and sandwiches. 

Aldi Atomic Pickles

Fresh Deli Pickles Atomic Spicy are sold at Aldi in a clear, 32oz container under the Park Street Deli Aldi private label for $3.79. Price may vary by store.

These deliciously spicy pickles are pickle chips, not whole pickles or pickle spears.

Where do you find Atomic Spicy Pickles?

We found Atomic Pickles in the refrigerated section near the cheese and deli meats.

Currently, Atomic Spicy Fresh Deli Pickles is an Aldi Seasonal Favorite, which means they are stocked seasonally and can come and go at any time.

Our Aldi has managed to keep this spicy pickle flavor in store throughout the summer and fall (and we’re hoping for a lot longer!).

Are Atomic Spicy Pickles Good?

Yes, Yes, Yes — Aldi Atomic pickles are fantastic!

We picked them up because of the word “Atomic” — we love spicy foods!

While we didn’t find these pickle chips to be atomically spicy, they pack a good amount of heat when added to a burger or sandwich. There are whole red chilis in the pickle brine to keep them spicy.

They’re also great for snacking on their own — the spiciness really picks up after a couple of pickle chips.

We enjoy Aldi Fresh Deli Pickles because they are fresh tasting and crisp. Plus, the 32oz container holds a good amount of pickles for the price.

How to Use Atomic Pickles

The obvious use for Atomic Spicy pickle chips are on burgers and sandwiches, but one of our favorite ways to eat these pickles is on the Copycat Aldi Chick-fil-a Sandwich! TALK ABOUT DELICIOUS!

You can really get creative with spicy pickles and use them as toppings on a variety of foods for an extra kick of flavor.

Have you tried Atomic Spicy Pickles?



  2. where can i buy these atomic pickles? Aldi does not suppy them anymore. it has been over 9 months. very disheartening

  3. Love the Atomic Spicey Deli Pickles. Bought some at the Sandusky, Ohio Aldi’s. Tried to find some
    in Jan. 2020 but they didn’t have any. Was told they were seasonal. Hope to find some soon. Will buy more than one 32oz. jar if they have any. They’re great on a burger or just right out of the jar.

  4. Agree with the other commenters, best pickle have ever tried. Fantastic product. Sad it disappeared from Aldi shelves recently. 🙁 🙁

  5. Please, please, please bring the Atomic pickles back soon. They are a special treat that I can have guilt free on my Keto diet. They are the best spicy pickle around!

  6. They are delicious! But you can never find them! Last time I did which was ages ago there were seven containers and I took them all!

  7. I would also like a case of the Atomic Spicy pickles! Best pickles EVER! Please make them year round!

  8. love these pickles wish they were in Aldi’s all the time. I bought 4 containers afew weeks ago when they were in store

  9. Purchased them once but can’t find them anywhere now. Totally bummed. Wish they were a permanent item

  10. Someone brought a container of these toa cookout and absolutely loved them. Couldn’t find any at any of the local Aldi’s. Finally, found them and bought four of them so that I can’t run out right away.

  11. I love the atomic spicey pickles! Just the right amount of kick and crispness! Please make them a staple in your store.

  12. Keep these year round!!!!! I hate when they are not available! I always love to keep them at my house! Last time I found them I bought 6 containers and apparently it wasn’t enough. I’m down to my last one and they are nowhere to be found!!!!!!! Help!

  13. I am an Aldi’s at least three times a week and it has been a long long time since I was able to get the atomic pickles… Please if they are seasonal when might that be ???
    I would travel to another Aldi’s location if I knew I could get them 🙂

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