Aldi Breakfast Pizza

The Aldi Breakfast Pizza is a hidden gem at Aldi! Found in the frozen food section as an Aldi Find, Mama Cozzi’s Biscuit Crust Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Pizza is one of the best frozen pizzas we’ve ever had.

aldi breakfast pizza

Mama Cozzi’s Breakfast pizza is 12″ coming in at 24.5 oz. Each frozen breakfast pizza has 5 servings, which seems like a lot for the size, but each slice is decadent and hearty once prepared.

This is not a low-calorie pizza, and even though it has a biscuit crust and breakfast toppings of sausage, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, it could easily be served for lunch or dinner.

Where do you find Mama Cozzi’s Breakfast pizza

The Aldi Breakfast Pizza is a Special Buy that comes around a few times a year. It’s found in the frozen food section in the short freezers in the center of the aisle. This location may vary by store, but it’s definitely in the frozen department at Aldi. The Breakfast Pizza is $3.99.

frozen breakfast pizza

Is the Aldi Breakfast Pizza Good?

The frozen breakfast pizza is SO GOOD! We can’t stress how good it is here, so you’ll have to buy and try it for yourself. Be prepared to return to the store to stock up on more!

Remember, if for any reason you don’t like Mama Cozzi’s pizza, you can return it (We’ve heard a photo is sufficient for food that has been cooked) under the Aldi return policy — As this is an Aldi brand food product, it’s covered under the Aldi Twice As Nice Guarantee.

What makes Mama Cozzi’s Biscuit Crust Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Pizza so great is the biscuit crust– it’s light and flaky like a biscuit with a buttery flavor.

The country gravy sauce also makes the pizza a hit as it’s nothing like any other pizza sauce we’ve had before. All the flavors work so well together!

mama cozzis breakfast pizza

We completely missed the suggestion on the box to add scrambled eggs to the top, which would’ve only enhanced the flavor. Next time we will scramble up some Goldhen eggs for the ultimate breakfast pizza!

The frozen breakfast pizza from Aldi is unique and big on flavor in all the best ways. We will be buying more to store in the freezer as it’s only available for a limited time.

Have you tried the Breakfast Pizza from Aldi?


  1. My sister bought two pizzas, we all fell in love with it! We returned to stock up on it and they were completely sold out. Hopefully they restock soon!

  2. This is the best breakfast pizza I have ever eaten. I added Johnsonville Chorizo and it was a hit. Please we need some breakfast pizza year round.

  3. Our Aldis in Newark Ohio havent had Mama Cozis Breakfast Pizzas in over 6 months . Whats Up??? I need my Moma Cozi Breakfast Pizza!!. Our aFamilies live them.????????

  4. I tried the breakfast pizza and loved it!! Now I can’t find it anywhere. Want to buy more. When will it be available again? Will it ever be a regular item?

  5. I tried one breakfast pizza, and we have tried to find it ever since. Please stock it everyday! I can almost guarantee you that it’ll be worth it. With it being seasonal right now, I plan to grab up a case when it finally comes back. Let some other pizzas be seasonal. We NEED breakfast pizza!

  6. Mama Cozzis Breakfast Pizza. Is there anyway I can order this product??? Where do you order from?

  7. Please , tell me when the breakfast pizza will be available in stores ?My family loves. Them and I have not been able to find them ! I would love t9 stock up on them.

    Thank you, Michelle

  8. Just had the breakfast pizza this morning. It was great. We did add a few chopped pepper pieces and also may add some ònion next time but recommend this pizza. We love Aldi and do most of our shopping there.

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