All the Best Aldi Food Finds Coming in August

BOOM! New month… New Aldi Food Finds!! And of course, the Aisle of Shame has a SNEAK PEEK for August 2021!

Aldi august Food Finds

Let’s take a look at all the best August Aldi Food Finds and decide which are our must-haves!

August Aldi Food Finds

L’oven Fresh Mini Hawaiian Bagels

Available 8/4 – $2.29

aldi mini hawaiian bagels

The combo of sweet Hawaiian bread and mini bagels is a match made in heaven! Slather these minis with cream cheese, or use them as a base for a perfectly sized ham and cheese sandwich.

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Biscuit Crust Pizza

Available 8/4 – $3.99

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Biscuit Crust Pizza

We’re no strangers to the Aldi breakfast pizza with sausage, but this time around, Aldi has a new addition to Mama Cozzi’s Biscuit Crust Pizza that features uncured bacon, bacon (so yes, 2x the bacon!), peppers and onions with a country-style gravy, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses on a flaky biscuit crust!

Season’s Choice Hash Brown Sticks

Available 8/4 – $2.49


Season’s Choice Hash Brown Sticks

Why have a hash brown patty when you can have hash brown sticks? The beauty of these shredded potato fingers is they can go be enjoyed any time of the day, with a meal or as a snack — we think Burman’s dipping sauces (that dupe popular fast-food chains) are a great pairing!

Bake Shop Mini 7 Up Cake

Available 8/4 – $.99

Bake Shop Mini 7 Up Cake

If you’ve ever been curious about the Aldi 7-Up Cake, this is the month to try a mini version without committing to an entire lemon-lime flavored cake. Members of our Aisle of Shame Facebook Community swear by this moist soda-flavored dessert.

Casa Mamita Queso Stuffed Nachos

Available 8/11 – $3.99

Casa Mamita Queso Stuffed Nachos
You’ve never experienced nachos this good! These Casa Mamita Queso Stuffed Nachos will satisfy your craving for something different and unforgettable. Serve with a side of salsa or guac for full southwestern flavor.

L’oven Fresh Keto Friendly Bagels

Available 8/11 – $3.49

aldi keto bagels

L’oven Fried Keto Bagels are the perfect keto-friendly addition to your next breakfast feast. Serving up 11g of protein and only 2 net carbs, these flavorful bagels can be used for everything from a morning wake-up call to a filling snack or light meal.

Sundae Shoppe Mermaid Cones

Available 8/18 – $3.49

Sundae Shoppe Mermaid Cones

Have a bit of magic with your sweet tooth! All you need are Sundae Shoppe Mermaid Cones with green vanilla-flavored ice cream in a waffle cone with a cocoa-flavored coating, blue-colored raspberry-flavored sauce multicolored sprinkles. These ice cream cones are almost too pretty to eat!

Elevation Nacho Cheese Protein Puffs

Available 8/18 – $2.69


Shake up your keto life with Elevation Nacho Cheese Protein Puffs. These tasty keto-friendly protein puffs will elevate your high-fat, low-carb journey and satisfy your cravings at the same time— 4g carbs and 42g protein per bag!

Casa Mamita Mexican Street Corn Ravioli

Available 8/18 – $6.49

Aldi street corn ravioli

If you’re a fan of Mexican street corn, then you’ll love this new Aldi Mexican Street Corn Ravioli! This Mexican-inspired ravioli has the same flavors as the popular Mexican dish.

Emporium Selection Summer Alcohol Cheese Collection

Available 8/25 – $3.49

aldi cocktail cheese

Aldi has a new trio of cocktail cheeses for summer that will pair well with your favorite adult beverage! The Wensleydale cheeses come in three flavors – Pina Colada cheese, Peach Bellini, and Espresso Martini.

Clancy’s Braised Beef Short Ribs Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

Available 8/25 – $1.89

aldi braised beef potato chips

Aldi always delivers on the best potato chips and this month they are bringing us mouthwatering braised beef short ribs flavored kettle chips! These crisps are perfect for late summer BBQs or for when you want the taste of smoked beef without any of the prep.


  1. Would be great if you had motorized carts for the handicap. I use to love shopping there but with back and knee problems I can no longer shop there.

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