3 Must-Try Cocktail Inspired Cheeses from Aldi

Aldi, the supermarket for budget-conscious shoppers everywhere, is offering three new cheese varieties this summer. The company’s latest line of cheeses are inspired by cocktails and will be available in stores nationwide starting August 25.

If you’re looking to spice up your snack game with some bubbly flavors or host a cocktail party without breaking the bank, these cheeses may just do the trick.

aldi cocktail cheese

Aldi Cocktail Cheeses

All three cheeses are varieties of Wensleydale cheese. So what is Wensleydale?

Wensleydale cheese comes from the northern Pennines in Yorkshire, England and has a strong flavor that makes it perfect for a savory sandwich or as a spread on toast. It’s best to eat this creamy-textured cheese at room temperature, so try pairing with fruit like figs or apples to balance out its richness.

Pina Colada Cheese

Emporium Selection Pina Colada cheese is a best of both worlds- a creamy, nutty Wensleydale with a hint of pineapple. This rich and tangy flavor will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings while still being light enough to serve as a cocktail compliment or appetizer for a party. Don’t forget the paper umbrella!

aldi pina colada cheese

Key Ingredients: pina colada flavoring, diced pineapples, diced peaches

Price at Aldi store: $3.49

Peach Bellini Cheese

Pair a bottle of prosecco with a wedge or two of peach bellini cheese and you’ve got a perfect starter for a summer party.

Emporium Selection Peach Bellini is a creamy, white Wensleydale that’s been mixed with diced peaches and infused with the flavors of prosecco wine. It has a fruity flavor profile without being overly sweet. The texture will vary depending on how long it sits out in room temperature before serving- if too cold then it’ll be more firm but as soon as it warms up again to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, expect this cheese to become softer and moister.

aldi peach bellini cheese

Key Ingredients: diced peaches, peach jam, prosecco wine

Price at Aldi store: $3.49

Espresso Martini Cheese

Emporium Selection Espresso Martini is a creamy, white Wensleydale that’s been mixed with a dash of coffee beans for a truly decadent flavor.

espresso martini cheese

Key Ingredients: espresso coated coffee beans, natural espresso flavor

Price at Aldi store: $3.49

Aldi has introduced cocktail-inspired cheeses before, usually around the holidays. But now summer is in full swing, and that means there are plenty of delicious cocktails to enjoy! Aldi has a new trio of cheeses for summer that will pair well with your favorite beverage! The Wensleydale cheeses come in three flavors – Pina Colada cheese, Peach Bellini and Espresso Martini. They are perfect if you love fruity drinks or coffee-flavored beverages (or both)! Which one will you try first?

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