The Aldi Boozy Cheese Collection is back, and we’re ready for another round!

Aldi’s new Boozy Cheese Collection includes cheese infused with vodka, whiskey and Irish creme!


boozy cheese collection at aldi

It’s widely known at this point that we here at the Aisle of Shame LOVE our cheese! It’s a large part of the reason we adore Aldi so much.

So imagine our excitement when Aldi came out with a line of boozy cheddar cheeses in 2019– Yes, you heard us. Boozy. Cheddar. Cheese. Well, guess what? The Aldi Boozy Cheddar Collection is back!

Aldi Boozy Cheese Collection

The Aldi Boozy Cheese collection, which includes 3 varieties of cheddar, is a must-have if you love cheese and a good cocktail.

Let’s take a look at each member of this fun collection, shall we?

Aldi Whiskey Business Cheddar Cheese

First up is this Whiskey Business Cheddar Cheese. Sold under the Emporium Selection brand, this cheese weighs in at 7 ounces.

boozeberry cheddar

The next Emporium Selection cheddar in this collection is Boozeberry Vodka Cheddar. Like a fruity martini, this cheese has vodka and blueberry in it. It is also sold in a 7-ounce package.

Gaelic Glory cheddar cheese

The third and final boozy cheese is Gaelic Glory. It’s an Irish cheddar cheese that contains Irish Creme Liquor. Also 7 ounces, this cheese is the one we are most curious about as far as taste.

How much?

These cheese are priced at $3.99 each. We are excited to try them all. We especially like that with this collection, all of the cheeses are cheddar. In many Aldi collections, there are different types of cheese involved. Starting with the same variety of cheese will make tasting the different flavors more interesting, don’t you think?

So tell us, what kinds of boozy cheese would you want to try most?

Cheers to another Aldi cheese collection!


  1. Do you know when these come back? I’ve been checking because my 15 year-old loves the boozeberry cheese and is on a ketogenic diet so it’s a treat for her.

  2. The Gaelic Glory is actually pretty good. The Boozeberry tastes terrible- vodka and cheese is not an ideal combo.

    I didn’t buy the whiskey one.

  3. I bought the Boozeberry blueberry vodka cheddar. It was so good! I served it at a party and everyone loved it. I went back for more, but it was sold out.

  4. Just had the Whiskey Budiness…..
    OMGoodness!!! Delicious!!!!!
    However, cannot find it anywhere…
    please help!!

  5. I was delighted to find Gaelic Glory Irish Cheddar Cheese at Aldi’s. However, they are no longer offering it as I was told by an employee it was an “Aldi Find” which as for one time. Where can I buy these delicious cheeses?

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