You Can Get Gyro Pizza at Aldi, and Our Mouths Are Watering Already

Aldi brings out new frozen pizzas nearly every week as Aldi Finds. Some of them are your basic meat and cheese varieties, and others are over-the-top awesome.

Some of our fave Mama Cozzi’s pizzas from Aldi are breakfast Pizza with a biscuit crust, mac and cheese pizza, and gyro pizza, which is just as delicious as it sounds.

Gyro Pizza

Gyro Pizza at Aldi

Aldi gyro pizza starts with a traditional pizza crust with a creme fraiche sauce— a stand-in for the tzatziki on a traditional gyro.

Toppings include pulled pork, sauteed white onions, marinated banana peppers, and black olives. And, of course, since it’s pizza, there has to be some cheese, right?

This Mediterranean-inspired pizza is topped with a favorite Greek staple…Feta Cheese! SO GOOD!

This Aldi Find item will sell for $4.19 in stores on 7/7.


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Look for gyro pizza in the chest freezers with other Aldi Finds. Alongside should be Aldi Cuban pizza, which also hits stores on July 7, and features mustard, mozzarella, and Emmental cheeses along with Canadian bacon, cooked bacon strips, pieces of fried bacon, and slices of marinated green banana peppers.

Will you try this unique frozen pizza? Let us know what you think of it in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community!

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