The Aldi Grinch Tree Is Quite Possibly The Cutest Thing Ever

This Grinch Tree from Aldi is perfect for small spaces!


aldi grinch treesGrinch Trees

No one loves Christmas more than the Who’s in Whoville, so what Dr. Seuss fan wouldn’t want to decorate for Christmas just like the Who’s?

Aldi is helping us out with this by selling the Grinch and Whoville-inspired Lemon Cypress Trees!

There are three different color choices available this year: Green, blue and pink.

Grouch Tree

aldi grouch tree

Merry-Who Tree

aldi who-ville tree

Loo-Ville Tree

Loo-Ville Tree

These potted trees were a sell-out at both Trader Joe’s and Aldi last year, and now Aldi is riding the wave of popularity and bringing them back to stores in time for the holidays.

They will be available the ad week of Wednesday, Dec. 8 (Sunday, Dec. 5 for stores with a Sunday ad switchover).

After the holiday season, you can remove the decor and keep this little guy around. Dwarf Lemon Cypress Trees grow to a height of about 3 feet. They do best in a window where they will have direct sunlight for 6-8 hours per day.

The Grinch tree could also be planted outside if you live in a warmer climate.

Like many other Aldi plant babies, these lemon cypress trees need to be watered about once a week.

Do you plan to get a Whoville tree for your holiday home? Share your holiday decor in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!


  1. I have been checking my local Aldi for this cute tree and have not been able to find it. Can you tell me when it will be in the 12144 Rensselaer/ East Greenbush NY store?

  2. Well and looking for one of these trees I found out that trader Joe’s is a parent company of Aldi’s makes sense that they both carried the same type of tree I had to have this tree. My daughter told me she was exposed to the coronavirus we don’t really decorate for Christmas anymore because she’s older but she still loves a little tree and I had to have this to make her feel better I live in an area that has many Aldi’s and mini trader Joe’s. The guy at trader Joe’s told me that they immediately run out cuz people actually stand in line to get them the day they come out so for you people who must have one do what I did go out by the stuff it’s not that hard and make your own and you can even personalize it. That is my advice to all the people who didn’t get up at 6:30 to stand in line to get them the day they came out.

  3. Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s is the place to be for Christmas! I bought three of these fragrant adorable little Grinch trees for my apartment, they look festive, smell wonderful and I actually perfer them over poinsettias!

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