All The November Plant Babies Coming To Aldi

You can plan out your plant purchases with this list of November Plant Babies coming to Aldi!

Don’t overlook the plants available at your local Aldi! While Aldi is not necessarily the first place you think of for buying plants for your home, our favorite store brings in an ever-changing variety of fun additions to decor or your landscape.

Check out this new crop of November plant babies!

Holiday Amaryllis – Week of Nov. 4

holiday amaryllis

Amaryllis is popular as a gift or decoration around Christmas — when the bulbs are forced to bloom. They feature huge, showy blossoms that can really brighten up your home in the winter! They will bloom throughout the holiday season if you keep them out of direct sunlight.

Christmas Cactus – Week of Nov. 11

christmas cactus

Christmas cacti are another plant that blooms indoors during the winter, thus the name. These November plant babies do best in moderate light. They will be available at Aldi in several different colors.

Mistletoe – Week of Nov. 18

november plant babies mistletoe

If you’re planning to meet someone under the mistletoe this holiday season, you can pick up some of the real stuff at Aldi this month! Did you know mistletoe is a parasitic plant? It attaches itself to trees and draws its nutrients from them.

Mini Holiday Succulents – Week of Nov. 25

mini holiday succulent

And it wouldn’t be an Aldi plant babies list without some succulents, now would it? These little beauties are in festive ceramic pots, with Rae Dunn-style gold writing. Sweet!

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