All The Plant Babies Coming To Aldi In October

These October Plant Babies can brighten up our homes throughout the fall and winter!

It is almost inevitable: When you start shopping regularly at Aldi, sooner or later you bring home a plant.

If you haven’t looked at the plants at your local Aldi before, you are missing out.

Aldi continually brings us the trendiest of houseplants, at prices unheard of at your local garden center or big box store.

How do they do it? We have no idea, but we sure hope they keep it up.

A new month bring a new crop of plants to Aldi.

Let’s take a look at all the October Plant Babies coming to U.S. stores!

Venus Flytrap – Week of Oct. 7

venus fly trap at Aldi

As you will see, the October plant babies have a bit of a Halloween theme going on. You can have your own “Little Shop of Horrors” with this insect-eating plant. Definitely read up on how to care for the Venus Flytrap if you’re going to bring one home. Keeping them indoors requires a feeding routine that some might consider a little grotesque.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – Week of Oct. 14

aldi fiddle leaf fig

These Fiddle Leaf Figs will be available in a sizable 10-inch pot at Aldi. These very popular house plants can cost a pretty penny at this size, so Aldi is a great place to pick one up.

Glowing Succulent – Week of Oct. 21

glowing succulent

Ah, the Glowing Succulent. This plant has leaves that glow in the dark. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a natural phenomenon. These succulents are painted to perform their trick.

Paper White in Glass Vase – Week of Oct. 28

paper white at aldi

Paper Whites can be forced to provide lovely blooms indoors, just when everything outside is dying. These paper whites in glass vases are a great housewarming gift, or wonderful to provide a long-lasting bloom in your own home.

What do you think of these October plant babies? Will you be buying any?

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