Top 10 Must-Buy Items at ALDI This October: Exploring this weeks Trending Deals and Walk-Through Finds

Attention Aldi shoppers! If you’ve been wondering what’s hot on the shelves of our local Aldi store lately, I’ve got the scoop for you. Recent trends reveal a diverse range of items that have been flying off the shelves. Whether you’re planning a meal, looking for a quick snack, or seeking out some delightful treats, Aldi seems to have it all. But don’t just take my word for it – read on to discover the trending products in our area!

Aldi Store

Trending at ALDI this week

  • Tyson slow cooker beef roast with vegetables meal kit: $1.29
  • Clancy’s Ranch veggie straws: $2.85
  • Sweet Harvest jellied cranberry sauce: $1.65
  • Kirkwood 99% lean ground turkey: $5.49
  • Simply nature organic chicken stock: $2.9
  • Panera Bread baked potato soup: $3.55 (for the cup)
  • Hot Pockets pepperoni pizza: $3.29
  • Chef’s cupboard three bean chili mix: $3.59
  • UTS Halloween cheese balls: $6.98
  • Chef’s cupboard creamy potato soup mix: $3.59
  • Salmon stuffed fillets: $10.99
  • Nature’s nectar sparkling red grape: $3.29
  • Pure aqua caramel apple sparkling flavored water: $3.29
  • Red shrimp: $10.99
  • Brookdale sloppy joe sauce: $1.09
  • Pillsbury ready to bake refrigerated sugar cookie dough: $0.45
  • Baker’s Corner white melting Wafers: $3.29
  • Southern Grove golden raisins: $4.19
  • Southern Grove chopped dates: $3.29
  • Loaded baked mashed potatoes: $1.59
  • Southern Grove shelled walnuts value pack: $10.99 (32 oz.)
  • Hot cocoa mix: $0.89
  • Coco dark chocolate hot cocoa cups: $4.39 (12 count)
  • Gold medal sparkling cider: $0.45
  • Especially selected chocolate chip cookies: $3.85
  • Emporium selection cranberry stuffing goat log: $2.75
  • Park Street Deli smoked salmon dip: $3.65
  • Vintage Style Gilt Mirror for $50
    • A dupe of a pricier Anthropology mirror.
  • Waterproof, Fireproof Safe for $25
    • For documents, passports, or jewelry.
  • Patio Heater for $50
    • Slightly cheaper than the previous year.
  • Pedal Exerciser for $25
    • Features a big LCD screen and adjustable straps.
  • Two Quart Mini Dutch Oven for $17
    • Great for the holiday season.
  • Cast Iron Mini Cookware Selection for $5
    • Doubles as cookware and serveware.
  • 20 Cup Rice Cooker for $20
    • Cheaper than the previous year.
  • Pumpkin Sliced Loaf Cake for $3.45 & Iced Cinnamon Sliced Swirl Cake for $4.29
    • Both cakes come in eight slices.
  • Jumbo Ice Cream Sandwiches (six-pack) for $4 & Italian Ice Cream Cups (two-pack) for $4
    • Available in various flavors.
  • Made in Italy Profiteroles for $6.49

Aldi Deals and Aldi Walk-Through

Italian Ice Cream Cups (two-pack)

Price: $4

Flavors: Pistachio and chocolate hazelnut.

Cinnamon and Double Chocolate Muffins (four-pack)

Price: $3.89

Description: The double chocolate flavor profile was found bland.

Profiteroles (1.1 pound package)

Price: $6.49


Price: $6.49

Harvest Reversible Door Signs

Price: $13

Over-the-door Contemporary Hooks

Price: $10

Farmhouse Wall Clock

Price: $20

Bamboo Round Tray Holder

Price: $10

Ceramic Pasta Bowls

Price: $5

20 Volt Cordless Pole Saw

Price: $50

Outdoor Car or SUV Cover

Price: $13

Patio Furniture Covers

Price: $15

105 Gallon Deck Box

Price: $70

Winter Protective Greenhouse

Price: $20

Spicy Chicken Rings

Price: $7.29

Arby’s Seasoned Curly Fries

Price: $4.96

Pork or Chicken Egg Rolls (five-pack)

Price: $3.49

Chicken Parmesan Patties

Price: $10

Breaded Veal Patties

Price: $10

Snow Crab Legs (1.5 pound box)

Price: $17

Everything Bagel Stuffed Shrimp

Price: $5.79

Queso or Beef Stuffed Nachos

Price: $4

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Price: $4.59

All Cheese Pumpkin Shaped Pizza

Price: $3.79

Oversized Front Door Mat

Price: $13

LED Puck Lights (five-pack)

Price: $13

Glass Table Lamp

Price: $25

Star Adorned Kid’s Bedroom Lamp

Price: $23

Kid’s Table Set

Price: $40

50 x 60 Inch Cozy Throws

Price: $20

Storage Ottoman

Price: $25

Accent Console Table

Price: $50

Bamboo Hamper

Price: $15

Bamboo Garment Rack

Price: $30

Ladies Poncho

Price: $10

Ladies Boots

Price: $15

Neoprene Backpacks

Price: $15

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