Double Waffle Maker, Squatty Potty Dupe, And More Items You Can’t Miss This Week

A double waffle maker, Squatty Potty dupe and women’s wrap dresses are just a few of the must-haves this week at Aldi. Plus, it’s Aldi Mexican week!

Aldi Must Haves Week of August 11 2020

This week the Aisle of Shame is stocking with the themes of Wake Up and Brunch, As Seen on TV and Up Your Comfort. Items are advertised for the week starting Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 (or Sunday, August 9th for Aldi stores with a Sunday ad switchover).

Remember, you can always browse the current Aldi ad and the Aldi ad preview to see what’s ahead in the AOS.

Here’s a look at our picks for the best Aldi Finds this week:

Ambiano Double Rotating Waffle Maker

aldi double waffle maker

Restaurant-style waffles are easy to make at home with this Aldi double waffle maker from Ambiano. The Copper Titanium Ceramic nonstick coating (PTFE and PFOA free) not only looks sleek but provides even cooking and easy cleanup. $29.99 and comes with.a 3-year warranty.

Crofton Juice Carafe

aldi mimosa carafe

Do you love brunch as much as we do? Up your brunch game with these fun 50-oz plastic Crofton juice carafes. At $3.99 each, they come in 4 designs: On Sunday, Mimosa Saurus, Good Morning or Drink Up.

Crofton Eggccessories $2.49


Members of our Aisle of Shame Facebook group can’t stop talking about the return of egg dude eggccessories!

We’re going to be honest, we didn’t realize these little egg guys were a thing…but now we’re looking forward to adding a few of these handy (and adorable) egg gadgets to our kitchen.

This week you can pick up an Egg Slicer, Egg Ring, Egg Timer or Egg Separator for $2.49 each.

  • Egg Ring keeps eggs from running together in a pan
  • Egg Slicer cuts slices eggs perfectly with one press
  • Egg Timer changes color to indicate when eggs have reached soft, medium or hard-boiled
  • Egg Separator easily separates egg yolk from egg whites without the mess or shell pieces and hand wash only

Crofton Taco Accessories – $3.49


With Aldi Mexican week underway, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the Aisle of Shame is featuring some useful kitchen tools to assist with meal prep. Included are an Avocado Pod, Avocado Slicer, Lemon Juicer and 4-Piece Cactus Taco Holders for $3.49 each.

One thing is for sure — we’re definitely getting the 4-piece cactus taco holder set to Taco Tuesday!

Welby Squatting Stool

aldi squatty potty

Aldi has a Squatty Potty dupe this week and it’s a steal at $9.99. If you haven’t tried a squatting stool, it may just change your life — and that’s no exaggeration.

Without going into too much detail, the Aldi squatting stool has an ergonomic design for comfort and stability that imitates natural squatting posture, basically putting you in an ideal position while seated on the toilet. Trust us, it works!

Serra Ladies’ Wrap Dress


aldi serra wrap dress



Ladies wrap dresses are back! This week you can snag a selection of Serra sleeveless and cap sleeve wrap dresses in sizes M–XL for $12.99 each. These highly-rated knee-length dresses are made of soft stretch knit fabric and can be dressed up or down for lounging or work-wear.

Mini Succulent Assorted varieties

aldi mini succulent

Aldi must have heard our requests for more plant-babies because succulents are coming to stores more frequently…and we’re here for ALL THE PLANTS!

An assortment of mini succulents will be available this week in either the Aisle of Shame or near the front registers… remember Aldi plants tend to sell out quickly, so get to the store early for the best selection. $1.99 each.

Mama Cozzi’s Biscuit Crust Sausage Pizza

aldi breakfast pizza

Mama Cozzi’s frozen breakfast pizza comes around every few months and every time it does it’s ALWAYS a hit.

If you’ve tried it, you know! If you’ve somehow missed this amazing breakfast pizza, $3.99 is a small price to pay for the delicious combo of sausage, country gravy, and cheese on a biscuit crust – consider adding scrambled eggs to really take it up a notch!

Park Street Deli Everything Bagel Hummus

aldi everything bagel hummus

Aldi Everything Bagel seasoning tastes amazing on just about everything, so no surprise, Everything Bagel Hummus is a thing and we can’t wait to dip pita chips, veggies and more into this new hummus flavor for $1.95 per container. Lemon poppy hummus will also be available.

Also see: What to put everything bagel seasoning on

Berryhill Hot Honey Sriracha or Chile

aldi hot honey

Last but not least, Berryhill hot honey in chile and sriracha flavors are here and we’re ready to get our hands on a bottle to use on our favorite red bag chicken sandwiches.

We expect this honey to have a hint of heat, adding a nice amount of sweet and spicy flavor to chicken, sauces, cheese and even breakfast favorites. Each bottle is $3.99.

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