Aldi has a Squatty Potty Dupe…And Yes, You Need One for Every Bathroom

You know how we’re always saying that Aldi and the Aisle of Shames has all the items we never knew we needed? Well, the week of Wednesday, Jan. 6, there’s a Squatty Potty dupe coming to Aldi. You absolutely NEED this, because it will literally change your life.

aldi squatting stool squatty potty dupe

Aldi Squatty Potty Dupe

We’ve had an original Squatty Potty for years and swear by it. After seeing the Aldi version in stores, we can confirm that it’s almost identical and will be picking up the Welby squatting stool this week for an additional bathroom.

Welby squatting stools will be available as Aldi Finds for $9.99, which is an incredible deal for a dupe of the original Squatty Potty which goes for around $25 (we paid a lot more when they first came out!).

A squatting stool will forever change the way you use the restroom in the best way possible. Guaranteed.


aldi squatty potty dupe

What is the Aldi Squatting Stool?

The Aldi squatting stool has an ergonomic design for comfort and stability that imitates natural squatting posture, basically putting you in an ideal position while seated on the toilet.

The squatting stool fits around your toilet and slides under when not in use. When ready to use, you simply pull it out, sit on the toilet, rest your feet on the stool, and use the restroom normally. The position may seem awkward at first, but you’ll quickly adapt and find that using a toilet without a stool is much more uncomfortable.

Studies have shown that when you’re in the proper squatting position, you can use the restroom more quickly, putting less stress on your bowels and providing more complete elimination. Squatting may also relieve constipation and hemorrhoids.

If you really want to up your bathroom game we have two more suggestions that work extremely well with the Squatty Potty dupe: PooPourri and a toilet attachment bidet.

Unfortunately, these items are not yet available at Aldi, but are easily acquired from Amazon (if Aldi releases versions of either of these products we’ll update ASAP).

Update! Aldi has a Poo-Pourri dupe!


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