Aldi Quarter Keychain – Never Be Without A Quarter Again!

The Aldi Quarter Keychain, also known as the Aldi Quarter Keeper, is one of the most practical Aldi Finds that comes up a few times a year.

Aldi Quarter Keychain

Why Do You Need a Quarter at Aldi

Having a quarter is almost essential for shopping at Aldi because it’s how you access a shopping cart. Aldi can keep their prices low because they don’t hire cart collectors to gather stray shopping carts in the parking lot.

Instead, Aldi’s shopping carts are accessed with a quarter system, where you put a quarter into a slot on the cart, and then the cart is released.

quarter shopping cart

When you’re done with your shopping cart, you reattach the lock to the first cart in the cart corral and then you get your quarter back. It’s actually ingenious and I’m surprised more stores haven’t caught on in the U.S.

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Aldi Quarter Keychain

The Aldi Quarter Keychain is only $.99 and attaches to your keyring so that you always have a quarter with you. When in stock, they can usually be found at the checkout line or the aisle of shame. Ask if you don’t see them!

aldi quarter holder keychain

New Aldi quarter keepers have been released twice this year, and right now there are some adorable new designs for summer.

We’re really loving the pineapple quarter keeper, but the avocado, pear, wine glass, ice cream cone, and jelly sandwich are equally as cute.

Aldi Quarter Keeper

Our Aldi quarter keeper was purchased at the beginning of the year when there were different designs. We chose the Aldi shopping cart and it has worked really well for us, though it may be time for an upgrade.

Aldi quarter keeper

When you first purchase an Aldi quarter keeper, you may notice that it’s hard to get the quarter in and out and it can easily get stuck.

We remedied this by enlarging the slot with our finger– basically stretching it out so there is more room for the quarter. It’s an easy fix and now we’re never without our quarter for Aldi!

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Do you use an Aldi Quarter Keychain?

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