New Aldi Quarter Keepers Are About to Drop, and We Want Them All!

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The new collection of Aldi Quarter Keepers makes us think it’s time for an upgrade!

new aldi quarter keepers for august 2021

About every six months, a new collection of Aldi Quarter Keepers comes around. These little gems always cause a lot of discussion in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

What’s a quarter keeper, you ask?

It’s a charm for your keychain designed to hold a quarter so that you always have one handy to use in an Aldi shopping cart!

We’ve noticed a slight price increase for these keychain charms this time around. While they used to sell for $1.29 each, these designs are priced at $1.49.

Let’s take a look at all six of the new design choices!

s'mores quarter keeper succulent quarter keeper aldi aldi unicorn quarter keeper

aldi quarter keepers sloth bumblebee summer drink

As you can see here, the new choices include an adorable marshmallow s’more, succulent plant, sloth, bumblebee, summer drink and a unicorn pool float.

These Aldi Quarter Keepers are made of vinyl fabric with a metal clip for your keychain or purse. They have a slot in the back designed to hold your quarter securely.

Now here’s the thing – you don’t want your quarter falling out in random places, but sometimes these charms can hold the quarter a bit TOO securely. We have had trouble before getting the quarter out.

Our current secret — we slid a penny down into the slot as far as it would go, and that keeps the quarter from sliding down so far it can’t be easily removed.

These designs are due in-store on August 18th, 2021. Most Aldi stores place these up near the cash registers when they are available, so look for them there if you don’t spot them in the Aisle of Shame AKA the Aldi Finds aisle.

Do you use a quarter keeper? Which of these latest designs is your favorite?


  1. I would like to buy 3 quarter keepers. I am a member of the AOS group. I can never find any Aldi Quarter Keepers. If I can buy them online here or somewhere I would love to and would be willing to pay shipping.I would love 3 apple quarter keepers Please?

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