It’s Never too Early to Aldi – Entertain Tiny Shoppers with this Kid-Sized Shopping Cart & Pretend Charcuterie Set

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Have a little one who loves the Aisle of Shame as much as you do? Start their love of Aldi off right with this Kid-Sized Shopping Cart and Pretend Charcuterie set!

pretend charcuterie set for kids

Kid-Sized Play Shopping Cart

When my daughter was young she used to love it when we shopped at stores that offered kid-sized grocery carts. This may be a regional thing, but those little shopping carts are long gone at our stores and that includes Aldi.

The good news is that your kiddo doesn’t have to miss out on the mini shopping cart fun because Melissa & Doug have a kid-sized version for pretend fun at home when using reusable shopping bags and a quarter keeper.

kid-sized shopping cart

This mini shopping cart features front, spring-loaded safety wheels that pivot 360 degrees, which permits it to roll easily on multiple surfaces inside the home or store.

Plus, it’s made to last with a sturdy metal frame made from heavy gauge steel construction that makes it look and feel like the real thing. Other features include an easy-grip handle that let kids push the cart from aisle to aisle and a fold open seat for a doll or stuffed animal passenger.

On a side note, how cute are the kid-sized shopping carts at Aldi in Amsterdam? We spotted these last year and the best part was that you actually need a coin to use them…just like a full-sized cart! 

aldi kids cart amsterdam

Pretend Charcuterie

If you’re an Aisle of Shame regular, you know we can’t get enough charcuterie (pronounced “shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) AKA grazing boards.

These meat and cheese platters are a staple at every family gathering, which is why we’re head over heels for this pretend version, complete with fake salami, brie, crackers, and grapes on a faux marble & wood cutting board with a kid-safe knife and two faux marble plates. Is this not the cutest?

pretend charcuterie

Paired together, this mini shopping cart and pretend charcuterie set is the perfect Aisle of Shame starter set for your little gourmet.

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