A Sprinkles Donut Pan Exists, and You Can Buy It at Aldi

This Sprinkles Donut Pan has us searching for donut recipes!

Aldi has a way of telling us exactly what we need before we know we need it.

This latest big development is no exception.

If you told us we’d be hunting the Aldi Finds aisle for silicone sprinkles bakeware, we would have said, “What?”

But, yes. Aldi is selling pink silicone bakeware adorned with sprinkles, and, well, we need it.

Did we need this bakeware before we spotted it in the latest Aldi Ad Preview? No.

But do we need it now?

The answer is unquestionably yes.

Let’s take a look at exhibit A…

Aldi Sprinkles Donut Pan

This is the 6-cavity sprinkles donut pan.

sprinkles cake pan

Next up is this square baking pan.

And finally, there are two muffin pans — in the standard size (12-cavities), and a mini size (24-cavities).

These Crofton Reinforced Silicone Pans are due in Aldi stores on Wednesday, July 22 (Sunday, July 19 for stores with a Sunday ad changeover). They are priced at just $6.99!

These pans have a reinforced steel rim for stability, and they are oven safe up to 450 degrees. They also can go in the freezer or dishwasher.

Silicone bakeware is known for its easy-release properties.

If pink with sprinkles isn’t your style (and how could it not be, but OK), there is a dark gray version of these pans available, as well!


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