Holy Sprinkles— Donut Ice Cream Bars Are Coming to Aldi!

YOU GUYS— THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! DONUT ICE CREAM BARS are coming to Aldi this month!

Sundae Shoppe Donut Dessert Bars, available in Vanilla & Chocolate and Strawberry, will be available at Aldi starting February 23rd, 2022. 

These bars combine classic donut flavors with delectable ice cream and retail for only $2.99 for 4 frozen treats.  

Strawberry Donut Dessert Bars

The Strawberry Donut Bars are donut-shaped strawberry flavored ice desserts with pink-colored white confectionary coating.

Vanilla & Chocolate Donut Dessert Bars

The Vanilla & Chocolate Donut Bars are donut-shaped vanilla-flavored ice desserts coated in white & chocolate flavored coating. It looks like there are 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla donut bars per box.

We are so excited to try this new sweet treat from Aldi— Will you be indulging as well? Let us know in the Aisle of Shame Facebook group!

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