Aldi’s Holiday Quarter Keepers Include Ninjabread Men And Vista Bay Cans

We’re getting a sneak peek of the Aldi holiday quarter keepers!

As far as collectibles go, the closest thing to a collectible for Aldi shoppers is the Aldi quarter keeper.

These little wonders are in high demand every time Aldi drops a new collection, which, at this point, is twice a year.

Quarter keepers are made to, well, hold your Aldi quarter. They come with a clip, and they are basically an ornament for your key chain, purse or backpack.

Aldi has been releasing these new collections in June and December in recent years.

The latest collection was released on June 24 in most Aldi stores. It included an apple, a globe, a lemon slice a narwhal, a waffle, and a rainbow.

Now Aldi has released a sneak peek of a new collection of holiday quarter keepers. And we were most excited to see these — a Christmas tree, and a can of Vista Bay — Aldi’s private label hard seltzer!

holiday quarter keepers

Now these collections typically include six designs, and so far, Aldi has shown us four of the new collection. We don’t know if there will be two more or not, but the Christmas theme here is adorable!

aldi christmas quarter keepers

The new collection will include a Vista Bay can, a llama, a Christmas tree, and a Ninjabread man, patterned after Aldi’s popular Ninjabread cookie kit!

The Aldi holiday quarter keepers will be available for the week of Dec. 9 (Dec. 6 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover). They are priced at $1.19 each.

These will make great stocking stuffers!

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