What Are the Savings on Meat Purchases at Aldi Like? 4 Best Meat Deals!

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At Aldi, shoppers can find some of the best meat deals around, offering significant savings compared to other grocery stores. Here’s a breakdown of the top 4 meat deals at Aldi and a price comparison with Publix and Walmart:


4 Best Meat Deals!


Aldi offers 3 oz packages of prosciutto for just $3.49. These are perfect for charcuterie boards and are a bargain compared to similar products at other stores.

Chicken Thighs:

Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs at Aldi are only $1.59 per pound. Though they require some preparation, such as deboning, they’re more moist and flavorful than chicken breasts and are great for meal prepping.

Pork Tenderloin:

This tender cut is available at Aldi for $3.79 per pound. A little work to remove the silver skin, and you have an affordable, versatile meat for grilling or roasting.

Grass-Fed Ground Beef:

Aldi surprises with 100% grass-fed ground beef priced at $4.99 per pound for an 85/15 lean-to-fat ratio, which is the ideal balance for juicy and flavorful dishes.

Irish Butter:

At $3.19 for 8 oz, Aldi’s Irish butter made from milk of grass-fed cows is a steal, particularly when compared to the well-known Kerrygold brand sold elsewhere.

In comparison, the total cost for these items at Publix was $49.12, making it the most expensive option. Walmart was closer to Aldi’s pricing at $37.46, but Aldi came out on top with the total coming to just $29.67 for all items. It’s clear that Aldi’s prices for these meat products are hard to beat, so remember to bring your quarter for the cart next time you visit!

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