All About Aldi’s Keto Bread (Wheat + Multiseed)

Customers couldn’t get enough of this Aldi keto bread…so it’s back for good!

When the keto diet and lifestyle craze hit Aldi stores, customers responded. In 2019, we saw Aldi add low-carb and keto-friendly Savoritz Parmesan Crisps to its regular stock after trying them out as an Aldi Find.

Our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook group was flooded with shoppers visiting their stores daily last fall, trying to find it. When we surveyed group members about the Aldi Faves from 2019 they wanted to see back on Aldi shelves every day, this bread made our Top 10 list.

Aldi’s keto-friendly bread dubbed the L’oven Keto-Friendly Wheat or Multiseed bread is now available at Aldi stores nationwide. The bread retails at $3.99. While this price is a bit expensive for traditional bread, it is a steal for low-carb bread, as most of them retail at approximately $10.

This bread started as an Aldi Finds item but was so successful that Aldi moved to make it available on their shelves more often.

Aldi’s keto bread is housed under the company’s private brand. Bimbo Bakeries USA makes all the bakery products here, and there is a high probability that their keto bread also comes from this company.

Aldi keto zero carb bread

Aldi Keto Bread Review

The hype around Aldi’s keto bread has made it famous, but is it really good?

First, the bread looks and feels like ordinary bread. The texture is similar to regular bread but slightly denser and spongier. There’s also a slight protein after taste, but they’ve done an excellent job of mimicking regular bread. Eating it alone will get you reminiscing about gluten-free bread, but you won’t even notice the difference if you mix it up with something else.

Keto lovers are absolutely in love with Aldi’s keto bread because they never last on Aldi store shelves. If you find them in stock, grab an extra one as you might find they are out of stock when you want to buy one.

Did Aldi discontinue keto bread?

No, Aldi didn’t discontinue keto bread. There was a problem with one batch during manufacturing where the expiration date was printed wrongly. However, Aldi keto bread has since been restocked and is available.

What is Aldi Keto Bread Made From?

Aldi keto bread is made using the following ingredients ;

Aldi Multiseed Bread Aldi Wheat Keto Friendly Bread
Modified wheat starch Modified wheat starch
Water Water
Wheat gluten Wheat gluten
Wheat protein isolate Wheat protein isolate
Oat fiber Oat fiber
Chicory vegetable fiber Chicory vegetable fiber
Sunflower seeds Wheat bran
Flax seed meal Soybean oil
Wheat bran Yeast
Yeast Vinegar
Soybean oil Preservatives

From the ingredients, the difference between the two types of keto-friendly bread is that the multiseed one contains additional seeds as ingredients. This explains why it is called the multiseed keto-friendly bread.

Aldi Keto Bread Nutritional Information

The nutritional information for Aldi’s keto-friendly bread is;

Aldi Keto Friendly Multi-seed Bread Aldi Keto Friendly Wheat Bread
5g protein 5g protein
9g fiber 9g fiber
0g net carbs(9g total carbs -9g dietary fiber) 0g net carbs(9g total carbs – 9g dietary fiber)

Despite the slight difference in ingredients, the two Aldi keto-friendly breads have no difference in their nutritional information.

Is Aldi Keto Bread Really Zero Carb?

To understand this, we’ll need to break down the nutritional composition of Aldi’s keto-friendly bread.

Total carbs refer to all the different carbs in food, such as starches, dietary fiber, and sugars.

Net carbs refer to the carbs that can be digested by the body and converted to glucose.

You should also understand the difference between simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs are easily digested into glucose. On the other hand, complex carbs contain long chains of molecules and are often subtracted from net carb calculations.

This explains why keto bread has zero net carbs. This was arrived at after subtracting 9g of dietary fiber. The body cannot digest dietary fiber fully, so we exclude them from the calculations.

However, using this calculation method only estimates the dietary components, even though carbs are still present. Subtracting dietary fiber does not eliminate the small amount of carbs available in this bread. As such, Aldi Keto bread is not really zero carb.

This is why it is not fully ketogenic but keto-friendly. People on keto diets have limits to the amounts of carbs they can consume, and taking this bread will enable them to enjoy bread without taking in too many carbs.

Does Aldi keto bread affect blood sugar? 

From tests, Aldi keto bread causes a spike in glucose levels and a decrease in ketone levels. However, the change is not that alarming, as it is nothing compared to the impact of regular bread.

Is Aldi low-carb bread healthy? 

Yes, Aldi low-carb bread is a healthy alternative to regular bread that is full of carbs. It allows you to enjoy bread without facing the consequences of some of the harmful nutrients in it. Consuming Aldi low-carb bread can lower the risks of heart disease and stroke.

Is Aldi Zero Carb Bread Keto Certified?

Aldi zero-carb bread is keto-friendly. It contains some little carbs, but they are within limits specified for the keto diet. While the bread is not keto certified, it qualifies since certification is for foods with less than 6g net carbs per serving.

Is Aldi Keto Bread Gluten-Free? 

No, Aldi keto bread is not gluten-free. It contains wheat which is a source of gluten.

Where to Buy Aldi Keto Bread?

Aldi keto bread is available in all Aldi stores and online through Instacart. Understand that this bread is a “hot” item and often runs out in many stores. While Aldi tries to ensure that it is available on shelves, the demand is too high, and always grab an extra one or two if you find them in stock.

Low Carb Bread Alternatives

If you don’t find Aldi’s keto-friendly bread in stock, look at other alternatives in the market such as;

  • Thin slim foods zero net carb bread
  • Lewis bakeshop healthy life keto bread
  • Natural ovens bakery keto-friendly bread
  • Kiss my keto bread
  • Franz keto white bread

All these alternatives have zero net carbs, but most of them cost more than Aldi’s keto-friendly bread, which goes for $3.99.


Aldi’s keto bread has a cult following, and many have wondered if it’s legit or not. People who follow a keto diet can significantly benefit from this bread since it ticks all the boxes for what a keto food should have. While there are other options in the market, Aldi’s keto bread is the cheapest while still serving the nutritional requirements a keto enthusiast would wish to have.



  1. I went to central flordia to visit my daughter in January and her Melbourne Aldi had the bread. Limit of 2 loafs per person. I brought 2 loafs back to Texas. I checked my local store we don’t have the bread ???? hopefully we’ll get it by the end February.

  2. Long Island NY, went into Aldi’s yesterday and asked for their zero net carb bread and they had no clue if it’s coming back. They said they only had it for sale once.

  3. This bread is in such big demand the bakery should be working 24 hours 7 days a week to try to fill the demand instead of making everybody go without!!! Batavia soldout for weeks now!!! Disqusting

  4. Found it in Nashville, TN on 02/05/2020. They are limiting to 2 loaves per person. I tried it for the first time and think it is the best so far.

  5. I was told by our Aldi store that they can’t get the bread because the distributor can’t get it. Iive in Ocala FL. This bread has been a God sent for those of us that are on the keto diet. Is there any truth to what I was told.??

  6. Here in Costa Mesa, CA it’s impossible to find. I was lucky enough to buy 2 loafs back in November 2019. Since then I’ve been visiting the store every week. I was told in November that it would only be available on February 2020. Today, 02/21/20, I went to the store and the employee told me only in July. Was also told that east coast already have it… don’t know what is the deal.

  7. They had it in January here in Miami early feb I bought 12 loaves. Last week nothing but we’re on the list of first division HOPEFULLY!

  8. I bought a loaf of the zero carb bread a few weeks ago at our Aldi’s in Louisville, KY. I have been back several times to try and buy anther loaf, but they are always out.

  9. There has not been a loaf of Aldi Zero Carb delivered to Central Florida in over a month. They had it during January, but I have been to 6 stores this month and they have all said the same thing: None has been delivered.

    However, you can buy all you want on Ebay for $14.00 A LOAF!!! What does that tell you? Some regional supervisor is selling the bread on Ebay and making a killing. I understand that there is no limit on the number of loaves you CAN buy in South Florida!!! One guy on Reddit is bragging about buying all 4 trays as soon as they hit the floor. He claims the manager texts him when he truck comes in, and he runs to the store and the manager delivers it to him as soon he gets there. Bastards….

  10. We have not been able to get the Aldi Zero Carb bread in Arkansas for Months. They have given us a couple dates when they expect it but they have yet to get it in.

  11. This bread has never been available in Souther California. Aldi’s misleading claims of availability and then silence is annoying.

  12. It has never made it to the Prattville Alabama store . I have asked. They said it won’t come to our store until it becomes a regular product of ALDI. I would love to try it .

  13. Yep, It’s back….between the 2 stores I shop at(New Haven, West Haven CT), one or both usually have it

  14. I would love to know when it will be back in Lawton, OK. I Love this bread but buying from Ebay at outrageous prices and paying $14 shipping is a no-go for me.

  15. I finally found it at one small, kind of on the edge of the city limits store in Houston TX at $4.29 per 14 slice loaf in both wheat and seeded varieties. I got there at 9:15amish (so close to open); however they only had 2 small pallets out (like 24 loafs).

    They ask that you only take up to 4 loaves but no one seems to be enforcing it. I was good but by the time I passed again almost a full pallet was already gone.

    As none of the locations close to me have it, I stocked up and got some for the freezer.

    Tip: Sign up for an online account for pick up with them. Search for it and all of the locations that have it in stock in your area should pop up. Stick it in your cart for pick up or haul it to that location.

    Good luck!

  16. For those of you that have a Kroger’s near you,they sell Live 1 carb bread.It may be in other stores also.I haven’t tasted it yet,just ordered it today.This is the 2nd time they’ve pulled Loven zero carb off the shelves….Why????
    You could also buy golden flax seed and Google zero carb bread and make a loaf.Good luck low carbers!

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