Oh, Pumpkin Lovers … These New Fall 3-Wick Candles Will Not Disappoint

We’re sensing a theme for these new fall 3-wick candles … it’s all about pumpkins, pumpkin!

Once the school buses start running and mums in the fields start blooming, many of us turn our attention to fall decorating. And that’s when a frequent post in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group becomes, “Does anyone know when the fall candles are coming out?”

Well guess what, Aldi fans, we have your answer!

There’s not long to wait, either!

A new collection of Huntington Home 3-wick candles drops on September 2!

If you have not tried these 3-wick candles yet, you’ll notice they are the same size and shape as the Bath & Body Works Candles that are a favorite with candle lovers everywhere. There’s one thing that’s not comparable, though … the price!

These Aldi 3-wick candles sell for just $3.99!

The new scents coming out in September all have a pumpkin theme! Let’s take a closer look at the fall 3-wick candles:

Pumpkin Chai Candle at Aldi

We’re guessing this Pumpkin Chai candle will have plenty of spice.

Coconut Pumpkin Macarooms

We can honestly say we would not have dreamed up a coconut and pumpkin combo, but now that we know it exists, we can’t wait to sniff it!

Pumpkin Everything

Which candle do you pick when you just love pumpkin? How about #Pumpkin Everything?

Aldi fall 3-wick candles

And this Sweet Pumpkin Cake Candles is intriguing. Will it be buttery? Spicy? Sweet? Luckily we don’t have too long to wait to find out!

Which of these candles will you light first?


  1. I cant found this candle im looking for the PUMPKIN LOVERS … THESE NEW FALL 3-WICK CANDLES, love them please help me found some.

  2. I bought some Huntington Home pumpkin chai wax melts from Aldi and would love to buy some pumpkin chai candles. Please help!! Ty!!

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