The Best (and Worst) 6 Best Aldi Finds in 2024 – According to Customers

Originally founded in Germany in 1961, Aldi has exploded into one of the most popular grocery stores in the world over the past six decades. There are well over 6,500 Aldi stores worldwide spanning 11 countries, and the company ranked as the fastest-growing grocery store chain in the US in 2022.

One of the reasons Aldi has such a dedicated following is because they don’t keep the same items in stock all year round. While that might sound like something that could drive customers away, it actually keeps Aldi fans coming back week after week to find out which new products have hit the shelves.

Commonly referred to as “Aldi finds,” Aldi’s new products launch on a weekly and seasonal basis. Weekly finds are just that–products that have a limited stock and will disappear quickly. Seasonal finds, on the other hand, will likely stick around for a few months and might even return the following year (if you’re lucky).

To start off 2024 right, we’ve gathered up the best (and worst) Aldi finds as of January 2024, according to customers across the internet.

On this list, you’ll find some of the best Aldi snacks and must-haves, as well as some of the things you’re better off avoiding on your next trip to Aldi.

6 Best Aldi Finds in 2024

Belmont Pie Bites

Of all the newest Aldi finds, these pie bites are by far the one being talked about the most. They come in several different flavors, including key lime, banana cream, and coconut cream.

These pie bites are considered a seasonal find, as they’ve been around on and off for the past three years.

Belmont Pie Bites can be found in the frozen section and are currently priced at $4.69 for a box of ten individual ice cream desserts.

These users on Reddit are raving, especially about the Banana Cream Pie Bites…

Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets

Chicken Breast Fillets

Commonly referred to as “red bag chicken” by Aldi shoppers, these breaded chicken breast fillets are a long-standing favorite and have been around since at least 2019.

In fact, red bag chicken even has its own Facebook group with over 24k members as of February 2023.

Priced at just $8.79 for a 24 oz bag, this Kirkwood chicken is definitely an Aldi must-have.

Specially Selected Vanilla Super Premium Ice Cream


Another coveted Aldi ice cream is this Specially Selected Vanilla Super Premium Ice Cream.

Known for being exceptional in quality, this ice cream is thick, creamy, and has a sweet and satisfying vanilla flavor.

It might not seem like the most unique Aldi find ever, but fans are insisting that it’s worth the hype.

This Reddit user made a whole post dedicated to their love of this ice cream…

With just five simple ingredients, this ice cream sticks to a traditional recipe and is made with milk from cows never treated with rBST (growth hormones).

Here, another user explains the definition of premium ice cream…

Each container of this vanilla ice cream is priced at $3.99 for a 48-oz container.

To learn all about the other ice cream varieties available at Aldi, check out our post about it here.

Specially Selected Small Batch Everything Sourdough Bread

Probably the most well-loved bread sold at Aldi, this Small Batch Everything Sourdough bread has a massive fan following.

In fact, it’s so popular that many shoppers have had trouble finding it in stock.

According to these Reddit users, this bread is in high demand, making it difficult to find at some Aldi locations…

Cheese Club Shells & Cheese

Shells and Cheese Aldi

Another fan-favorite Aldi find is this Cheese Club Shells & Cheese.

Priced at just $1.39 per box, each container makes three servings and is made with real cheese. It’s been compared to Velveeta brand Shells & Cheese, but reviewers have consistently called it the superior option, both for the flavor and the price.

Some Aldi fans have even called this their favorite boxed macaroni and cheese…

Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa

Mateos Salsa Sauce Aldi

Despite not being an exclusive Aldi find (you can sometimes find this stuff at Costco, too), Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa has been called some of the best salsa money can buy…

Made to imitate restaurant-style salsa, Mateo’s salsa has a fairly thin consistency with lots of great flavor. Aldi carries mild, medium, and hot versions depending on your taste preference.

When it’s available, each jar of Mateo’s salsa sells for $3.78, which is almost $2 cheaper than the manufacturer’s price.

What Not To Buy At Aldi

Now, for the bad news…

Let’s take a look at some of the Aldi products that fans haven’t been so excited about this year.

Specially Selected Lobster Mac & Cheese

Aldi Mac and Cheese

Although it might sound like a fancy delicacy, this Lobster Mac & Cheese has grossed out more than a few Aldi customers in recent months.

As some Redditors on this thread point out, this mac and cheese is actually made with hermit crabs in addition to lobster and lobster extract. Yes, you read that right… hermit crabs.

Although some commenters shared that they ended up enjoying this mac and cheese, you might want to stay away unless you’re feeling extra adventurous.

According to these Reddit commenters, the experiment was far from worth it…

Park Street Deli Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

When asked about some of the worst products at Aldi, these users brought up the Park Street Pickles fast…

Apparently Aldi’s pickles haven’t always been as bad as they are now, causing some customers to wonder if the recipe has changed over the years. Customers first started complaining back in 2020.

This Reddit user commented about an inedible flavor, which was backed up by several other commenters on the thread

Steak & Bulk Meat Cuts

Lastly, we don’t recommend relying on Aldi as your source for quality steak or fresh-packed chicken.

This user shares about avoiding Aldi steaks due to low quality…

Unfortunately, the chicken doesn’t seem to be much better…

This Reddit user suggested avoiding the fresh stuff and sticking with the meat in the frozen section…

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