Buying Ice Cream at Aldi (Types + Price)

When the deal is too good, think twice.

This saying applies to many items sold at Aldi, which are available at prices lower than what other retailers charge.

But do the low prices imply that these items are substandard?

Not necessarily.

In this piece, we’ll break down Aldi’s ice cream and let you know if it is worth it or not.

Read on;

Does Aldi Sell Ice Cream?

Yes, Aldi sells different types of ice cream across all stores in 2022. They are available in cartons, bars and sandwiches and start from $1.89 to $4.99.

Despite the limited freezing space available, you’ll still find fantastic blends and flavors of ice cream to choose from in an Aldi store near you.


What is Aldi’s Brand of Ice Cream?

Aldi sells ice cream under different brands;

  • Belmont
  • Sundae Shoppe
  • Specially Selected
  • Earth Grown
  • Fit and Active

All these are Aldi’s private brands, but the variety and types of ice creams available make them fall into different categories, as we’ll break them down below.

However, Belmont is Aldi’s primary ice cream brand, with most of the standard ice creams anyone would want, with the rest featuring special ice creams.

Who Makes Aldi Belmont Ice Cream?

Belmont is Aldi’s private brand, but the ice cream sold under this line is made by House of Flavors. This is a Michigan-based ice cream maker that sells a wide variety of ice cream.

Many people have reported that Aldi’s Belmont ice cream tastes the same as Ben and Jerry’s. While this might be true, Aldi doesn’t source their ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s.

The other brand, Sundae Shoppe label, contains ice cream manufactured by a different company called Fieldbrook Foods Corporation.

What Kinds of Ice Cream Does Aldi Have?

Aldi has a vast collection of ice creams, as seen from the different brands they’re sold under. Here, we’ll break them down per brand and help you understand how to navigate through the various options.


This is Aldi’s leading ice cream brand. If you are looking for regular ice cream, this is the brand to look at. For this reason, most Belmont products are seen to be identical to Ben and Jerry’s or Breyers, which also specialize in regular ice cream.

Some of the standard ice creams under Belmont include;

  • Strawberry or Moose Tracks ice cream at $1.85 for 48 fl. Oz.
  • Butter Pecan or Cookies and cream ice cream – approximately $1.85 for 48 fl. Oz.
  • Low Fat Ice Cream – Vanilla, Sea Salt & Caramel and Peaches and Cream flavors for $1.89 for 48 fl. Oz
  • Super Premium Ice Cream Pints Assorted Varieties, available in Fudge, Brookie Dough, and Thank You Cherry Much flavors at $2.09 for 16 fl. Oz.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Ice Cream at $1.85 for 48 fl. Oz.

These are a few, but not all, the ice creams under the Belmont brand. They’re the ones that are similar to Ben and Jerry ice creams. However, Aldi has been trying to expand the types of ice cream under the Belmont brand, under their Aldi Finds collection. They do this to gauge the uptake of these new types and hopefully expand their Belmont line of ice cream.

Sundae Shoppe

This line has more special ice creams, away from the regular ones. It mainly includes sticks, bars, and gelatos. A few products that fall under this line include;

  • Gelato Mixed Assortment – Caramel Cookie Crunch, Mixed Berry of Triple Chocolate flavors at $3.99 for 28.5 fl 0z.
  • Fudge and Caramel Sundae Nut Cones Variety Pack at $4.29 for 36.8 fl oz. box.
  • Strawberry, Pinacolada, or Caribbean flavors fruit bars at $2.29 for 12 fl. Oz. Pack contains 4 fruit bars at 3 oz each.
  • High Protein Ice Cream Pints Assorted Varieties – Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla and Chocolate, $3.39 for 16 fl Oz.
  • Junior Pops or No Sugar Added Junior Pops available in Cherry, Grape, and Orange flavors, $2.49 for 33 fl. Oz.
  • Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches at $3.99 for 12 fl. Oz.

Specially Selected 

This isn’t a bespoke ice cream brand but contains several other products like cheese and pasta.

A common option is;

  • Super Premium vanilla or chocolate ice cream for $3.99 for 48oz.

The other two brands, Earth Grown, and Fit & Active label, aren’t pure ice cream brands but contain one or two products that can fall under the ice cream category.

Earth Grown is Aldi’s vegan/vegetarian line that includes the Non-Dairy Almond-based Pints in either chocolate, mocha fudge, or vanilla flavors. They’re available at $2.99 for 16 fl. Oz.

The Fit & Active label is for low-fat buyers and includes the Low Fat Ice Cream Bars available in orange vanilla, fudge, wildberry vanilla at $3.79 for 21 fl. Oz.

Aldi ice cream cones are available to complement the existing ice cream collection. They’re sold under Aldi’s Benton’s label, where you can find three types of cones, Waffle at $1.59 for 12, sugar at $1.19 for 12, and ice cream cake cups at $1.19 for 24.

Aldi occasionally sells ice cream cakes under their Aldi Finds collection. A good example is the Oreo Ice Cream Cake, a brand-name item that appears in stores once in a while.

What is the Best Ice Cream at Aldi?

We all have different tastes and preferences, and Aldi caters to that by availing a wide variety of ice creams to choose from.

However, proper ice cream enthusiasts will like the Belmont mint chocolate chip, which tastes like many expensive ice cream brands out there with no generic mint flavor.

So, is Aldi Ice Cream Worth It?

Yes, Aldi ice cream is good, and you can find one that suits your preferences from the wide variety of options available. Aldi tries to ramp up its ice cream collection and always watch out for new and exciting flavors and types in Aldi Finds collections frequently, and you might be lucky.


Does Aldi sell vegan ice cream? 

Yes, Aldi has vegan ice cream available under its vegan brand Earth grown. The ice cream here’s 100% animal-free and includes a popular pick; Almond-based Pints available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Mocha Fudge flavors.

Does Aldi have keto/low-calorie ice cream? 

Yes, Aldi has low calories and keto ice cream under the Fit and Active label. The popular pick here is the Low Fat Ice Cream Bar available in fudge, wildberry vanilla, and orange-vanilla flavors.

Is Aldi ice cream gluten-free? 

Yes, Aldi has a few gluten-free ice creams available under the Earth Grown line of ice creams listed above.

Does Aldi have sugar-free ice cream?

Yes, the Sundae Shoppe keto ice cream available in the peanut butter fudge, mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough flavors have no added sugars. They are sweetened with sugar alcohol erythritol, and monk fruit.

Does Aldi sell dog ice cream? 

Yes, Aldi introduced the Heart to Tail dog ice cream as an Aldi Find item in June 2019. The frozen dog treats costs $3 and includes four tubs of ice cream made with gluten-free ingredients and no artificial flavors.

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