All the Items Coming to Aldi for German Week

It’s time to stock up on your Aldi German Week favorites!

aldi german week favorites and must haves

Twice a year, Aldi fills its shelves with all kinds of fun, imported foods from Germany. And now, the next German Week is upon us!

These items are due in stores for the ad week of September 22, 2021!

Deutsche Küche Orange Jaffa Cakes – $2.49

aldi orange jaffa cakes

Deutsche Küche Raspberry Jaffa Cakes – $2.49

rapsberry jaffa cakes for german week at aldi

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Soft Pretzels – $3.99

bavarian soft pretzels

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Pretzel Sticks – $3.99

german week pretzel sticks

Deutsche Küche Spinach & Ricotta Strudel – $3.99

german week spinach ricotta strudel

Deutsche Küche Artichoke & Cheese Strudel – $3.99

aldi german week savory strudel

Deutsche Küche Apple Strudel – $2.49

Aldi german week apple strudel

Deutsche Küche Fruits of the Forest Strudel – $2.49

deutsche kuche strudel

Deutsche Küche Chocolate and Raspberry Strudel – $2.49

aldi german week chocolate raspberry strudel

Deutsche Küche Pork Schnitzel – $8.99

german week pork schnitzel

Deutsche Küche German Cabbage Blend – $2.49

Aldi german cabbage blend

Deutsche Küche German Potato Blend – $2.49

aldi german potato blend

Deutsche Küche Cheese Spätzle – $3.99

lsi Deutsche Küche Cheese Spaetzle

Deutsche Küche Garlic Sage Spaetzle – $3.99

Deutsche Küche Garlic Sage Spaetzle from Aldi

Deutsche Küche Peanut Puffs – $1.99

german week peanut puffs

Deutsche Küche Hash Brown Potato Sticks – $1.29

hash brown potato sticks

Deutsche Küche Herbs of the Alps Potato Sticks – $1.29

aldi potato sticks

Deutsche Küche Lemon Pound Cake – $2.49

German Week Lemon Pound Cake

Deutsche Küche Marble Pound Cake – $2.49

Aldi Marble Pound CAke

Deutsche Küche Marzipan Pound Cake – $2.49

German Week Marzipan Pound Cake

Deutsche Küche Amaretto Liqueur Cake – $2.99

aldi german amaretto cake

Deutsche Küche Tiramisu Liqueur Cake – $2.99

aldi tiramisu

Deutsche Küche Jamaican Rum Liqueur Cake – $2.99

aldi frozen rum cake

Deutsche Küche Pumpernickel German Bread – $2.29

Deutsche Küche pumpernickel Bread

Deutsche Küche Sunflower Seed Bread – $2.29

Deutsche Küche sunflower seed Bread

Deutsche Küche Whole Rye Bread – $2.29

Deutsche Küche Whole Rye Bread

Emporium Selection Bavarian Cream Cheese Spread – $2.69

Aldi bavarian cream cheese

Emporium Selection Bavarian Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese Spread – $2.69

bavarian cream cheese spread at aldi

Deutsche Küche Nuremberg Bratwurst – $2.79

Deutsche Küche Nuremberg Bratwurst

Deutsche Küche Nuremberg Reduced Fat Bratwurst – $2.79

Deutsche Küche Nuremberg Reduced Fat Bratwurst

Deutsche Küche German Cream Cake Chocolate – $6.99

aldi german chocolate cream cake

Deutsche Küche German Cream Cake Strawberry – $6.99

german strawberry cream cake

Deutsche Küche Apple Frangipane Tart – $2.99

apple frangipane tart

Deutsche Küche Blackberry Frangipane Tart – $2.99

aldi german week frangipane tart

Deutsche Küche Cherry Frangipane Tart – $2.99

Aldi German Week cherry tart

Deutsche Küche German Cake Apple Walnut Cake – $6.99

apple walnut cake

Deutsche Küche Bienenstich Almond Cake – $6.99

German week almond cake

Deutsche Küche Egg Spaetzle – $2.29


spaetzle at aldi

Deutsche Küche Lentil & Chickpea Soup – $2.19

lentil chickpea soup

Deutsche Küche Lentil Vegetable Soup – $2.19

Aldi lentil vegetable soup

Deutsche Küche Red Cabbage with Apples – $1.99

german week cabbage at aldi

Deutsche Küche German Style Pickles – $2.99

german week german style pickles

Deutsche Küche Beer Mustard – $1.69

german week beer mustard at aldi

Deutsche Küche Sweet Mustard – $1.69

Aldi german week sweet mustard

Deutsche Küche Whole Grain Mustard – $1.69

deutsche kuche whole grain mustard


Deutsche Küche Doppel Keks – $2.49

aldi doppel keks

Deutsche Küche Chocolate Doppelino – $2.99

aldi german chocolate doppelino cookies

Deutsche Küche Lemon Doppelino – $2.99

deutsche kuche lemon doppelino

Deutsche Küche Hazelnut Doppelino – $2.99

hazelnut doppelino

Deutsche Küche Almond Spritz – $2.49

almond spritz

Deutsche Küche Coconut Spritz – $2.49

german week coconut spritz

Deutsche Küche Vanilla Spritz – $2.49

german week vanilla spritz

Deutsche Küche Chocolate Dominos – $2.99

German Week Chocolate Dominos

Deutsche Küche Dark Chocolate Dominos – $2.99

German Week Dark Chocolate Dominos

Deutsche Küche Octoberfest Chocolate Bears – $2.99

Deutsche Küche Octoberfest Chocolate Bears


Deutsche Küche Octoberfest Chocolate Buttons – $2.99

Deutsche Küche Octoberfest Chocolate Buttons

Deutsche Küche Octoberfest Chocolate Hearts – $2.99

Deutsche Küche Octoberfest Chocolate Hearts

Deutsche Küche Sugar Roasted Octoberfest Almonds – $2.89

german week sugar roasted almonds

Deutsche Küche Milk Covered Wafers – $2.49

Deutsche Kuche Milk Chocolate Wafers

Deutsche Küche Dark Chocolate Covered Wafers – $2.49

Aldi dark chocolate wafers

Deutsche Küche Milk Chocolate Wafer Rolls – $1.99

 german week milk chocolate wafer rolls

Deutsche Küche Dark Chocolate Wafer Rolls – $1.99

german week dark chocolate wafer rolls

Which German Week finds are your faves? Let us know in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!


  1. I saw some people got black forest cake. Our aldi’s didn’t have it. Just wondering. Would of been nice ???? are they only available in certain stores? Im in Carpentersville IL. 60110

  2. This was my daughter’s review for the Aldi’s German Cabbage blend:

    Aldi’s has betrayed me. I just cooked a bag of their “German cabbage.” This is not German cabbage. What the heck is this?! It looks and tastes like it used to live in a garbage disposal. There’s a zillion tiny carrot cubes; these tiny, unidentifiable trees; RAISINS (why???); and…kale. They did not warn me that they put that satanic leaf in there. Occasionally, there’s some cabbage. And then there’s the Schrodinger’s sauce that is somehow sickeningly sweet and not sweet at all at the same time. I’ve never so passionately hated a food. This is 2020 cabbage.

    • My son and I tried this cabbage blend today and LOVED it! I was looking for more greens to give him with his meals and this did the trick! We will surely be stocking up next time it comes in!

  3. It’s October Fest time…where is the deutsche Kuche Knackwurst? I have been waiting three months from my last purchase in Greenville, Pa.
    My wife was born in Lubeck, Germany And misses authentic German food.
    When can we see this product again?
    We shop at least weekly at Aldis in Greenville, Pa.

  4. Hi. I am wondering when the “German items” that come twice a year, will return to my neighborhood Aldi. I am fairly new to the Aldi community and I have found a wonderful item, premium raisin & nut muesli, that my family loves. I did purchase about 6 boxes last September, but I am running low. (We particularly like the muffin recipe on the side panel of the box.) Where can I purchase this product? Cindy Thomas, Frisco TX

  5. The Aldi’s in my town hardly carries any German products anymore.They had all sorts of good things there in the first few months after opening the store but now you’re lucky to find Deutsche Kueche Sauerkraut.I used to buy the pumpernickel bread and Butter kaese there, but now they don’t have it anymore.

  6. It is always the same stuff,to much sweet,and the stoped selling the Apfelschorle what I loved so much,I was crazy about Aldi but not anymore,the Wurst the sell in there is not from Germany it says inspired by Germany so it’s made in American,to salty,people should look where is it from not everting in German week comes from Germany

  7. Good afternoon I am a very big Aldie shopper I am trying to order your German items they don’t seem to be on the regular website but I did get an email from you with listing all the items I have several items picked out and I would like to order them but it I’m having a problem trying to find them can you help me with this problem so I could order them before the sale is over I think you very much

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