Date of Next Aldi German Week Revealed!

We’re ready to stock up on all the good food during the next Aldi German Week!

Everyone has their likes, dislikes, and favorites at Aldi, but if there’s one thing that many Aldi fans unite over, it’s our love for the German products Aldi carries!

As you probably already know, Aldi stores originated in Germany, and you can find many foods imported from Germany in U.S. Aldi stores. However, a lot of those German goodies are “Aldi Finds,” and they are only around for a limited time.

But we’re not mad about it.

Beyond the many German treats Aldi brings in for the Christmas season, Aldi has two “German Weeks” each year. They typically occur in the Spring – around Easter, and in September – before Oktoberfest.

Now, Aldi has revealed the exact date of this year’s fall event: It will begin Sept. 22, 2021! (If your store has a Sunday ad switchover, then the German Week products will debut on September 19.)

This frozen strudel will be for sale during the next Aldi German Week, coming up in March 2020.

This frozen strudel is a popular item during Aldi German Week. If you’re new to shopping at Aldi, here are some other favorites mentioned frequently in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group:

  • Cornichons (Pickles)
  • Mustards (There are often beer, sweet and hot varieties available.)
  • Frozen Schnitzel
  • Frozen Strudel
  • Spaetzle
  • Cookies
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Rye and Pumpernickel Breads
  • Various Sausages

For more shopping ideas for the next Aldi German Week, check out these posts:


    • WOW l did not know that there was a German week. I do look forward to Christmas spiced cookies. It seems l missed German week in August. When is the next German week?
      Virginia Dillard Chicago Illinois

      • I am so pleased with diversity. I want to enjoy APPLE STRUDEL IT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS. THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING IN CHICAGO

  1. Aldi German Week should be every Week and more German Product.There are a lot of Germans in S.Dakota

    • When I moved to IL in 2004 and went to buy Christmas and Easter German specialties. The rows were long the selection enormous. And German foods were often available. I could watch as the years went buy that it became less and less and now it is a joke what they offer. Aldi is now multicultural and ditched a lot of German foods.

    • You are EXACTLY right – this is a GERMAN store with a decent mexican settin, great american doof selection and the INLY reliable German food item is their Liverwurst

  2. I dove 4 hours (there and back) to get to an Aldi in Texas because I am German and then you didn’t have any German products worthwhile!!! I was told by the cashier to come back in spring for “German Week” what the hell??
    What a disappointment, I may as well have gone to the Dollar store, in comparison!! So ein Schmarn

    • German Week is the only time there are many German products (and during the Christmas season). But regular German items include: Schogetten, other brands of German chocolate (likely store brands but very good), Knoppers, German Coffee (store brand but very good), various flavors of Herring, dark pre-sliced Vollkornbrot, two flavors of Quark, German pickles, two kinds of imported Bratwurst, canned German bean soup, canned German vegetable soup, canned German pea soup, jars of sauerkraut, and two types of German beer.

      During German Week, they add many frozen items such as Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel, Bienenstich, and a few others, plus Jaffa Cakes, Spaetzle, German mustard, Erdnuss-flips, those little Marzipan loaf cakes with the chocolate glaze, and a few other items I can’t remember.

      At Christmas, they carry lots of Lebkuchen, Stollen, Spekulatius, chocolate, and other sweets.

      For day to day items, they specialize mostly in American style products, but the German ones are hidden away here and there. It’s not an “import shop” but a grocery store. We’re getting one ten minutes from our house, which will be nice. Not worth driving 4 hours though.

    • I agree with you! Aldi is a GERMAN store but only has german food two weeks out of the year??? Could you imagine if a Mexican food store only had Mexican foods two weeks out of the year?

      • THANKS so Much for sharing with me. I love trying delcious tastey food other than soul foods. I am so glad that German products are located here in Chicago. No l am not German but l do appreciate cultural diversity.

  3. Aldi is suppose to be German. Why do you need a German week? German products should be available at all times.

  4. UK Post – Most Germans eat bockwurst, bratwurst and frikadellan with German mustard(Senf mittel sharfer) middle strength. However in the UK the sausages are available but the mustard isn’t – bit like a horse without carriage?? Come on Aldi – sort it out!!

  5. Please, get some more White Asparagus at Aldi’s, Oviedo, Florida.
    I get 6 jars each visit.

  6. More.
    Weis wurst

  7. last time i wasn’t prepared… i grew up on most German candy and cookies so I bought those jaffa cakes, but I did not know they would disappear! this time i’ll be prepared!! BIIIIIG shopping bag! mmm apfelstruedels…

  8. I like that Bienenstich way not have it all year such a shame more
    German products would be nice not only twice a year

  9. Same here, Aldi is supposed to be a German store, where are the German items. I find maybe one or two items. I think there are too many stores in one town and not enough products.

  10. I am so disappointed with Aldi when they first came to my town I was so excited something different but they’re the same as Dollar General or any other store there’s no German products and the two times a year that they do have German product it is like maybe five or six items and that’s it. I can go to Publix German section which is very small and get way more German products then at Aldi’s

  11. I am very disappointed I have 3 Aldi’s in 10 mile radius and none of them carry German foods except for candy, I did find some sauerkraut, what a shame. I did find a German butcher in GA and there sausage meats are wonderful and reasonably, and they ship, maybe you get your sausage from him.

  12. I was quite dismayed also. Since Aldi is a German store, they should carry German goods all year long and not just two weeks a year!! My neighborhood Polish market carries more German goods that Aldi does! Not happy!

  13. I totally agree with a lot of the comments!! Aldi is a German company so why do they not have german food items very disappointed…

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