Aldi Charcuterie Board Tips + Templates

Nothing says holiday entertaining like a robust and inviting Aldi charcuterie board!

aldi charcuterie board by Sarah Crawford of Broma Bakery

Making an #ALLALDI charcuterie board is as easy as a quick store shop or curbside Aldi pickup at your nearest location.

While in-store, customers should look for the Aldi Charcuterie Board Must-Have shopping guide and tags on an array of cured meats, cheeses and add-on accouterments to ensure they are stocking up on charcuterie favorites or finding new products to round out a beautiful board.

Charcuterie Board Tips from the ALDI

The perfect charcuterie board includes five key elements:

Cheese: Crumbly, soft, hard or aged, you really can’t go wrong with cheese. Variety adds interest to a board. The Cheese Queen Kim has crowned the Emporium Selection Blue Cheese Wedge and 4-Year Aged Cheddar as some of her favorites.

Meat: Grab a variety of meat — some cured, some spicy and some thinly sliced to please a crowd. Priano Italian Dry-Cured Meats including the speck, salami and prosciutto are all board approved.

Crunch: Whether it’s crackers, carrots, breadsticks or roasted nuts, crunchy foods add texture to every bite. Specially Selected Crostini Crackers and Southern Grove Pistachios add the perfect touch to any board.

Sweet: From mild melon and tomato to a sweeter fig spread and chocolate, round out savory flavors with sweet ones. Try the Choceur Dark or Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds, which are endorsed by Sweet Talker Sarah.

Savory: Salty items, like olives, mustard and cornichons, make other flavors pop. Start with the board-certified Specially Selected Cheese Stuffed Queen Olives and add on from there.

Need Charcuterie Board Ideas? Aldi is giving us two free templates!

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Click to download + print!

thanksgiving charcuterie board template

Here are the ingredients you need to make the turkey charcuterie board:

  • Prosciutto
  • 2 types of cheese
  • round crackers
  • apple slices
  • orange slices
  • raisins
  • a pear

Classic Charcuterie Board Template

Click to download + print!

charcuterie board template

Meet the ALDI Charcuterie Board of Directors

ALDI is helping hosts and food lovers take their boards to a whole new level with its first-ever ‘Charcuterie Board of Directors’, an exclusive panel of charcuterie aficionados to help inspire novices and connoisseurs alike in the quest to build the most innovative and festive boards this holiday season.The Charcuterie Board of Directors is composed of seven pros across food, wine, and all things delectable. Their unique expertise not only defines their role on the board but also serves as the solution to any charcuterie conundrum.

Charcuterie Board of Directors

Kim Brazington is a distinguished American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional and oversees the entire cheese selection for ALDI stores nationwide. Her knack (and nose) for cheese helps curate a robust selection of delicious, award-winning cheeses at unbelievably low prices. As the official Cheese Queen, Kim inspires unexpected combos to elevate any board to a culinary sensation.

Sarah Crawford (@bromabakery) is the Boston-based food blogger behind Broma Bakery and founder and creator of the Foodtography School. As the designated Sweet Talker, her sugar expertise in the kitchen translates into a surprisingly sweet spin on traditional charcuterie boards.

Gaby Dalkin (@whatsgabycookin) is an LA-based chef, recipe developer and best-selling author whose California-style cooking has won the hearts and stomachs of food lovers everywhere. The Charcuterie Chef will lead the way to boards that explode with full sensory flavor.

Rosalynn Daniels (@rosalynndaniels) of Atlanta is a lifestyle expert who has a passion for recreating memorable dining and entertaining experiences for the everyday. As the resident Family Foodie, she fuses her love of cosmopolitan style with the realities of family life to build a board that is as beautiful as it is pleasing, to even the pickiest eaters.

Kasim Hardaway (@kasimjhardaway) of Kansas City is an environmental scientist-turned-foodie and culinary photographer with an insatiable appetite and thriving foodstagram channel. The Recipe Realist breaks it down so any board can be approachable yet still drool-worthy delicious.

Marissa Mullen (@thatcheeseplate) is a Brooklyn-based best-selling author, food stylist and the creator of the Cheese By Numbers Method, a step-by-step approach to styling a unique spread. Her global online community and her ability to help make a picture-perfect board every time has earned her the title of Spread Stylista.

Sarah Tracey (@thelushlife) is a New York City sommelier who regales her social media followers with inspired wine tastings and food pairings, plus on-trend entertaining tips. The true Wine Whisperer will make sure every board has the perfect sipping companion every time.

For more board-building tips and inspiration, visit and check out the ALDI USA and Charcuterie Board of Directors’ Instagram pages.

Proud board builders can also share their charcuterie creations on social media, mention @ALDIUSA, and use hashtag #ALLALDI for a chance to earn the Charcuterie Board of Directors stamp of approval and social media bragging rights.

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