It’s Charcuterie Season, And Aldi Has All The Best Stuff For Your Board

More Aldi charcuterie items seem to be arriving in stores every day!

With so many occasions to celebrate in the last few months of the year, we are officially deeming it charcuterie season!

Whether you are planning to make a grazing board for Friendsgiving, family game night, or the office holiday potluck, you will find perfect things to include in almost every aisle of U.S. Aldi stores right now.

aldi charcuterie board must haves

We took a look at the seasonal Specially Selected items that include an assortment of crackers and nuts, as well as the many new and old favorite specialty cheeses that are appearing in the refrigerated section now and throughout the holiday season.

Crostinis, jams, olives, flavored cheeses– everything you need is currently being stocked, and many stores even have a special endcap for #AllAldi charcuterie finds!

You will save quite a bit of money by shopping Aldi for your charcuterie platter items — we would expect to pay twice as much for many of these items elsewhere!

Here’s a look at our favorites for an all Aldi charcuterie spread — all available for the season in stores starting October 15, 2021!


aldi blue stilton

aldi double gloucester

aldi crimson cranberry

aldi masquerade mango

aldi goat's milk brie aldi goat cheddar aldi everything goat cheese aldi truffle goat cheese

aldi Herb Cornichons

aldi feta cheeese stuffed olives aldi jalapeno jack olives aldi white cheddar cheese olives



aldi crostini crackers

Specially Selected Spreads Cheese Pairing – $6.99

aldi Spreads Cheese Pairing


aldi mission figs

Specially Selected Marcona Almonds – $4.99



aldi sausage

Specially Selected Assorted Sliced Meats Tray – $9.99



Belmont 24 ct. Cheesecake Bites from Aldi

Those are our faves, but there is so much more in stores right now!

Show off your Aldi charcuterie board creations in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group. We’d love to see ’em!


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