All the Candles Coming to Aldi in August!

If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting for a new Aldi candle drop. 

Right now we’re in that strange season between the end of summer and the start of fall, AKA back to school, and to be honest, we’re not sure what we should be burning. Is it too soon for pumpkin spice and fall leaves? Or should we stick to the scents of ocean breezes and tropical escapes?

Aldi is giving us a little insight this month and 5 new collections of candles are hitting store shelves throughout August.

aldi august candles 2021

Here’s a peek!

Available 8/11 – $3.99 each

  • Sunflower & Zest
  • Mahogany & Amber 
  • Lakeside Dreams
  • Almond Apple Torte

sunflower & zest aldi candle mahogany & amber aldi candle lakeside dreams aldi candlealmond apple torte aldi candle

Available 8/11 – $6.99 each

  • Lakeside Picnic (Gray)
  • Cozy Nights (Gray)
  • Lemongrass Bamboo (Tan)

aldi marble candle version 1 of 3 aldi marble candle version 2 of 3 aldi marble candle version 3 of 3

Available 8/25 – $8.99 each

  • Eucalyptus & Sea Salt
  • Paradise Cliff
  • White Orchid & Moss

Aldi Eucalyptus & Sea Salt candle aldi paradise cliff candle Aldi white orchid & moss candle

Available 8/25 – $3.99 each

  • Thankful Grateful Blessed
  • Pumpin Apple Fritter
  • Pear Chestnut & Teak
  • Fall Flannel Shirt

Available 8/25 – $8.99 each

  • Spiced Honey Butter
  • Maple Berry + Leaf
  • Hickory Cedar

aldi spiced honey butter candle aldi maple berry + leaf candle aldi hickory cedar candle

What Aldi candles will you be picking up? We’re all-in on the Huntington Home Artisan Glass candles, but will be picking up more than a few of the classic Aldi 3-wicks.

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  1. Why don’t you admit that you are affiliated with Aldi, Pastri Media LLC directors? Don’t worry. You’ve been reported to Facebook for false information as well as Aldi for data mining and running a focus group that is not paid. You really should not have betrayed people like that. I hope your business goes bellyup. I’m going to make your company Twitter infamous. No corporation will hire you when I’m through with you.

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