News Flash: Aldi Area Manager Trainees get Beemers!

The Aldi Area Manager training program in the UK includes some amazing perks!

Aldi UK is acting a bit like Oprah these days.


Aldi UK’s recruiting Web site includes details about the Graduate Area Manager Programme, including the fact that those who are hired into the yearlong training program get a BMW 3 Series or Audi A4.

Aldi Area Manager training program

The Aldi Area Manager trainee job also comes with a starting annual salary of $44,000 GBP, which amounts to about $55,000 in the U.S. And if you stay with the company, you’re guaranteed that your salary will rise to $76,495 GBP (or about $95,000 USD) in your fifth year with the company.

Aldi requires an honors bachelor’s degree (called a 2:1 degree in the U.K.) to be considered for the program, and there are some other hurdles you’ll jump, including a psychometric test and creating a five-minute video application. But the perks also include four weeks of paid vacation in your first year of work!

The Sun says Aldi Area Managers are assigned a territory where they manage 3-4 stores. The year of training involves everything from stocking shelves, to filling in as a store manager while one is on vacation, to sitting in on Human Resources seminars.

The yearlong program is highly scheduled and has been described as grueling, but the hard work pays off. Successful candidates are given their own area to manage for 1-2 years, and then the highest performers can be offered assignments (and travel adventures!) in Australia, the U.S. or another European country.


Get a job at Aldi

All the details about Aldi’s Graduate Area Manager Programme are on Aldi’s UK Recruitment site.

Aldi is known for paying well, but also for expecting a lot out of its employees.

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