What Aldi is Doing About the Coronavirus

Wondering what Aldi is doing about the Coronavirus? Here’s the latest information.

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic increasingly affects daily life in many parts of the United States, the CEO of Aldi U.S. has released a statement with details about changes Aldi is making to deal with the changing landscape.

Among them:

  1. A focus on pantry staples and other “stock-up items.”
    The company says there have been some disruptions to its supply chain, but it is working through them. Aldi says it is focused on bringing in ample supplies of bottled water, pantry staples, pre-made meals, cleaning supplies and toilet paper.
  2. Stores are limiting purchases.
    “To support as many customers as possible, you may see quantity limits placed on select items,” Aldi U.S. CEO Jason Hart said in the statement.
  3. Cleaning routines are being intensified. 
    Aldi says there is more cleaning happening in high touch areas not only in its stores, but also in warehouses and offices.
  4. Sick leave policies are changing.
    The company says it has “enhanced” its sick leave policies for its employees.



  1. How about having disinfectant wipes at the door to wow down carriages and not having patrons switch carriages out at the register to reduce germ transfer?
    I know the process in Europe doesn’t require switching carts, so let’s do it.

    • I shopped at our Aldi in Hixson, TN yesterday. They were not swapping carts at the register. The cashier said that it was one of their measures to keep things as clean as possible.

      • Wiping down carts does nothing when you’re gonna go through the store picking up items that hundreds of hands have been on before you. And don’t even mention that god-forsaken germ infested pin pad when you swipe your credit or debit card.

        • I called corporate on the exact concerns you mentioned.. I said why are you still swapping carts .. answer: “ their disinfected prior to using” My rebuttal yeah for the person who had the cart before you ended up w it so by then they’ve touched the cart which you will now be getting. you don’t know if their sick or
          a symptomatic (unaware they carry the virus), sneezed or whatever the case maybe So you could be putting your hands on a infected cart?

    • We are working to get disinfectant wiles in but having a hard time. But we are spraying carts with Lysol or other cleaning supplies throughout the day, along with all registers, checklane belts, card readers. And on the cart swapping you can request at anytime to keep your own cart, and the cashiers have been instructed to oblige you. Hope this helps understand a little about the extra steps we are taking during this time

    • The switching carts to the previous customer at checkout is not a good practice anyway but ESPECIALLY during the Covid 19 situation. It is offensive to get someone else’s cart after you went to the trouble to clean your own first and wear gloves but the person ahead of you is just gloveless and didn’t wipe the cart down bc there were no wipes at entry.( A sanitation point aldis is missing and doesn’t seem to understand.)

  2. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard it takes up to 3 minutes of contact with a disinfectant to kill viruses. A friend suggested taking 2 wipes and using them to wrap around the handle between it and your hands. J/s.

  3. So why not just wear gloves, they don’t have to be sterile, but at least you could go through the store and not physically touch anything. Although you still will have the containers at home and have to handle them there.

  4. So this is my process, bring spray cleaner with me (I use a peroxide based cleaner that doesn’t have to be wiped or rinsed). Get cart, bring back to car and spray it down, using laundry baskets as my “bags” shop as normal DO NOT TOUCH FACE OR PHONE!!! After checkout load groceries into laundry baskets and load into car spray down full baskets of food/boxes.

    Spray down cart for next person and return it. Then I sanitize my hands before getting into the car.

  5. Do you have special senior citizens shopping hours at your Washington Blvd. store if so when are they

  6. Shop aldi omaha ne and they had no wipe and were switching carts, I ask if they had wipes and they said no. Last time I’ll shop their until this is over, all other store have wipe at entrance and exit. They should close it down if they can provide wipes.

  7. My only issue is my aldi store is making me touch a cart. I have a reusable bag to grab the couple things I want but they said I couldn’t enter without taking a nasty cart. . I’m going somewhere else until they quit requiring me to touch the cart. Stupid rule.

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