Want an Aldi Alcohol themed Advent Calendar? Here’s How the 2021 Ticketing System Works

Aldi Advent Calendar Day, Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021, is quickly approaching!

aldi advent calendar ticketing system for 2021

If you’re like us and have your eyes set on any of the alcohol-themed calendars, including the 2021 Wine Advent Calendar, Beer Advent Calendar, and Connellys 12 Days of Irish Cream, there are a few details you should know before heading to Aldi on Nov. 3.

First quantities of ALL Aldi Advent calendars are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. With supply chain issues, we have no idea how many Advent calendars will make it to stores. 

You can see all the 2021 Aldi Advent Calendars here.

If you want ANY Aldi Advent Calendar, alcohol or non, it’s a good idea to be at your local Aldi at or before opening. Aldi stores open at 9 am.

For 2021, Aldi is operating a ticketing system for alcohol-themed Advent calendars. Here’s how it works:

Aldi Alcohol Advent Calendar Ticketing System

  1. Customers interested in purchasing an alcohol Advent calendar will receive a ticket at the store entrance in the order of their arrival.
  2. Ticketing will begin 1 hour before Aldi opens. Be sure to check Aldi store hours, but generally, this will be 8 am.
  3. Customers will redeem tickets for Advent Calendars near the stock room entrance and not the register.

All alcohol calendars (beer, wine, Irish cream and sparkling wine) are limited to two per customer.

We hope this helps you plan your Aldi Advent Calendar Day so that you have the very best chance of scoring the calendars you want. We’re hoping to get our hands on a 2021 wine Advent Calendar, especially since it’s $10 less than last year and equals 6 bottles of wine for $59.99!

Do you plan on purchasing an Aldi alcohol Advent Calendar this year? Let us know in our Aisle of Shame Facebook group

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