Aisle of Shamers are Welcoming 2022 with a Sarcastic Take on this Porch Sign Sold at Aldi Stores

One of Facebook’s fastest-growing groups is influencing home décor in a new, sarcastic way this New Year.

aldi oh hello porch sign is now oh hell

Many of the 1.1 million members of the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group are taking the ubiquitous vertical “porch sign” to a new level.

Many retailers have hopped on the trend of selling the painted wooden signs, with sentiments such as “Welcome” or “Home Sweet Home” painted vertically on a piece of wood that homeowners prop up near their front door.

The new sign at Aldi, being sold right at the New Year, says “Oh, Hello.” But sarcastic shoppers are buying the sign and placing something in front of that bottom letter, to create a sign that reads, “Oh, Hell.”


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Oh Hell sign at Aldi

Stefanie Riley, the group’s founder and owner of the accompanying website, says dozens of people have posted photos of the cheekily displayed sign outside their homes. “We are bringing 2022 in with another COVID surge and disastrous weather,” Riley said. “I think the sentiment is fitting.”

Oh hell porch signs

Did you get an Aldi Oh Hello porch sign? How are you displaying it? Let us know!

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