Aldi German Week Sweets You Won’t Want to Miss

Aldi German Week runs Sept. 16-22, 2020 – Here’s a look at our favorite German sweet treats available at Aldi!

Prost! Another German Week is upon us!

Aldi german week sweets logo

It’s time to stock up on all of our German favorites, including pork schnitzel, pretzels, cornichons and, of course, the mustard.

But while you’re filling your cart with all that German goodness, don’t forget the sweet treats in store!

Aldi German Week Sweets

Aldi’s German goods are sold under the brand name Deutsche Kuche, which means German cuisine. Straightforward enough, eh?

Doppel Keks

First up, Doppel Keks. Think of these German classics as giant sandwich cookies. People rave about the super-chocolatey cocoa filling! $2.49

Aldi Doppel Keks

Domino Cookies

These Deutsche Kuche Domino cookies are a traditional treat in Germany, where they are called Dominosteine. They were reportedly invented as a cheaper alternative to other chocolates sold in German bakeries at Christmas. These cookies are gingerbread flavored, with layers of apple jelly and persipan. They are coated in your choice of milk or dark chocolate. $2.49

Aldi German Week Dominos

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes in orange and raspberry flavors are also available during Aldi German Week. They have a sponge base, a layer of jam, and a layer of chocolate. Orange Jaffa Cakes even inspired this Aldi Jaffa Cake Candle! $2.49

Aldi jaffa cakes

aldi jaffa cakes raspberry

Sugar Roasted Almonds

Sweet sugar roasted almonds are an Oktoberfest and German Christmas Market staple. Candied coated and delicious, each bag is only $2.49.

aldi sugar roasted almonds

Fruit Strudel

In the freezer section, keep an eye out for the Deutsche Kuche Imported Strudels. They come two to a box and bake from frozen for a delicious warm dessert treat. For this Aldi German Week, apple, caramel apple, fruits of the forest and chocolate raspberry strudels are available. $2.49

box of aldi apple strudel

box of aldi fruit of the forest strudel

Frangipane Tarts

Aldi has a selection of frangipane tarts this German week in blackberry, apple and cherry. Each tart features an almond cake topped with fruit and roasted almond pieces in a shortcrust pastry. $2.99

Aldi Frangipane Tarts

Cream Cakes

Also sold frozen, this Deutsche Kuche Strawberry Cream Cake looks amazing! It has layers of cake mixed with strawberry cream, decorated with whole strawberries, strawberry sauce, vanilla cream rosettes, and white chocolate curls. I got a sugar rush just typing that! A chocolate cream cake is also available. $6.99

aldi strawberry cream cake for german week

Whew! All of these sweet treats have our heads spinning!


Which German Week sweet treats do you plan to buy?


  1. Will the Peanut Puffs be available? Also why don’t you carry the Bavarian Brand Wieners all the time,or Brötchen? Would it be possible to get Maggi or maybe some Knorr seasoning ( Aldi’s brand ) Other areas have a lot more german items that they have all the time.

  2. I don’t have a Aldi store in Phoenix or close by. Can I order on line? Is there one Aldi coming to Phoenix AZ soon?

  3. Honestly, I just want to thank whoever runs this site, who doesn’t get angry at EVERY SINGLE COMMENT from people who don’t understand you don’t work for ALDI or have control over what is stocked. So irritating!

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