Aldi UK has a Jaffa Cake Candle, and We’re Shopping for Flights to London

A Jaffa Cake Candle! Right now, it’s only available at Aldi UK.

Aldi is a strange and wonderful place, full of weekly delights in its Aisle of Shame. As you may imagine, the Aisle of Shame features different items in different countries. And oh, how we sometimes wish we lived in one of those other countries. 

Exhibit A:


The runaway TV hit “The Great British Baking Show” is back on Netflix. And it’s back on TV in the UK, as well, where it is known as “The Great British Bake Off” in the UK, and affectionately referred to as simply “Bake Off.”

Aldi UK has filled the middle aisle of its stores with items to capitalize on the phrase, including this brilliant candle.

It definitely seems to be a hit!

The Aldi Jaffa Cake Candle is priced at GBP 2.79, which equates to around $3.43 in U.S. Dollars. And it’s already sold out online!

(That’s right, you can order Aldi Special Buys online in the U.K.! Wouldn’t that be amazing?)

Aldi Jaffa Cake Candle
What is a Jaffa Cake

Jaffa Cakes are a favorite of former “Bake Off” judge Mary Berry. The round sponge cakes have a layer of orange jelly, topped with chocolate. Mmmmm…

That orange-chocolate mixture sounds like a scent we’d love to fill our whole home with.

Three other candles are included in the range: Marshmallow Fluff Cake, Coconut Cake, and Strawberry Pavlova.
Aldi marshmallow fluff cake candle

Aldi coconut cake candle

Aldi strawberry pavlova candle

Other “Bake Off” inspired items available now at Aldi UK include a pastry blender, pastry brushes, a stainless steel rolling pin and stainless mixing bowl set. There’s also a nested set of baking pans and ceramic baking beads for weighting down pie crusts and such.

Aldi bake off products

And one more big-ticket item: an Aldi Stand Mixer (knock-off of a KitchenAid Mixer!) that’s getting rave reviews online!

Aldi stand mixer
It comes with the stainless steel bowl and whisk, beater and dough hook attachments. All for a little over $60 U.S.! Forget that $300 brand-name price tag!

Oh Aldi UK, we heart you.

Please bring the Jaffa Cake Candle and these other items across the pond to our Aisles of Shame stat!


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