Aldi Trader Joe’s – Does Aldi own Trader Joe’s?

Aldi Trader Joe’s – Does Aldi own Trader Joe’s? Get the real answer here and learn about the connection between the two stores.

Aldi Trader Joe's - Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's

You might have heard that Aldi owns Trader Joe’s, but we’re here to spill the truth.

While Trader Joe’s and Aldi are both fantastic low-cost grocery chains in the United States, they are NOT owned by the same company and operations are completely separate.

Aldi and Trader Joe’s Similarities

As shoppers of both Aldi and Trader Joe’s, we can see the similarities between the stores’ private label products, packaging and specialty items, especially when it comes to affordable wine, chocolate and cheese. This alone could make someone think they are connected.

For example, we’ve noticed that both Aldi and Trader Joe’s carry uncured Black Forest Bacon. This is not an item that you find at a typical grocery store.

At Aldi, the Black Forest Bacon is a specialty product that shows up briefly a few times a year for $3.99 package – Trader Joe’s carries it year-round for $5.99.

Even though we know the companies have no affiliation, we’re curious to know how the chains source the products they sell. Is it just a coincidence? There is definitely some overlap.

How did the Aldi Trader Joe’s rumor begin?

As far as the Aldi Trader Joe’s rumor, it started because of Karl and Theo Albrecht, brothers from Essen, Germany that grew their mother’s local grocery to a chain of more than 300 discount food stores by 1960. The chain ultimately became Aldi – a shortened version of Albrecht and Discount.

The brothers had a falling out over the sale of cigarettes in their stores and eventually, the company was split into Aldi Sud (south) and Aldi Nord (north). Karl took Aldi Sud and Theo owned Aldi Nord.

Both companies expanded and in 1976 Aldi Sud opened the first Aldi in the United States. Private ownership by Aldi Sud remains to this day. This is why you can’t buy Aldi stock.

In 1979, Aldi Nord acquired all the Trader Joe’s in the United States, though they continue to operate independently.

To be honest, the history of Aldi is quite confusing as technically the same family owns both chains, but as far as operations go, Aldi U.S. and Trader Joe’s have no joint ownership.



  1. What? So the rumour that Aldi owns Trader Joe’s is actually true? And you contradict yourself in the very same article.

    • Frank — it literally says that they split in the 70’s are owned by two separate owners. Although the owners are from the same family, they are not joint owned. It’s not that hard to understand. Did you actually read the article?

      • Shelby…. OMG lol….. the brothers split in the 70’s to ALDI NORD & ALDI SUD!! ALDI NORD bought ALL the Trader Joe’s in the USA in 1979… therefore TRADER JOES IS owned by ALDI!! Whether they operate independently or not the profit from both companies goes to the owners of Aldi Nord.

  2. I’ve contacted Trader Joe’s a few times to see if they would consider moving to the Wellsboro/Mansfield Pa. area. The closest Trader Joe’s Is two hours in either direction. Aldi’s I’ve never contacted, but that would be welcome here, too. Aldi is also 40 minutes away. I think there is one in Corning, NY.
    We have Weis, who uses sprays on their fresh lettuce produce, but deny it. I get sick from it,
    Top’s, jacks their prices up, then insult you by discounting items to the regular price and telling you, you saved money. Bacon is $10.99 in Tops!
    Walmart is the next option, and where I travel to. Please consider coming to Wellsboro/Mansfield Pa.?

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